ITV insist they were in contact with Caroline Flack before her death and had been offering her support


ITV have insisted they were in contact with Caroline Flack before her death and had been offering her support.

It comes after Amanda Holden slammed the channel for “throwing her to the dogs” following her assault charge.

Caroline Flack was in contact with ITV before her death, the channel claims

Caroline was forced to stand down from hosting Love Island’s first winter series after being arrested for attacking her boyfriend Lewis Burton – an allegation she denied.

A statement read on Good Morning Britain from ITV today insisted they were supporting the star in the days before her death.

Host Richard Madeley said: “ITV have been in touch with this programme and asked us to make it clear that contrary to some reports they were actually constantly in touch with Caroline after the incident.

“They were regularly offering assistance and support. It’s important to put that on the record.”

Richard Madeley read a statement from ITV on Good Morning Britain today
Amanda Holden said she was ‘utterly devastated’ by Caroline Flack’s death

Britain’s Got Talent host Amanda furiously ranted about how Caroline was treated by ITV.

She said:Anger doesnt even begin to cover how I feel about her being thrown to the dogs like she was ..

Why was she not shown the same level of consideration, protection, warmth and importance as other artists in our industry who have struggled recently?

It is believed she was referring to the broadcaster standing by Ant McPartlin, 44, after his battle with alcohol and prescription drugs, which included adrunken crash into a familywith a young child.

Laura Whitmore broke down in tears during a tribute to her friend Caroline this weekend

Meanwhile tearful Laura Whitmore – who replaced Caroline as the ITV2 presenter – defended Love Island’s treatment to stars behind the scenes.

“Caroline loved to love, that’s all she wanted,” she said on BBC Radio 5 on Sunday.

“Which is why a show like Love Island was important to her because it’s a show about love, friendship, having a laugh.

“The problem wasn’t the show – the show to work on is loving and caring and safe and protected. The problem is the outside world is not.”