Jack Fincham reveals suicide attempt after ‘money ran out’ and work dried up


LOVE Island champ Jack Fincham has revealed he attempted suicide after his “money ran out”.

The reality star has told how he was pushed to the brink when his work dried up.

Jack Fincham

He told MailOnline: “Christmas time I took an overdose mate. I was ready to go. I didn’t want to be here. It’s upsetting to think.”

The former stationary salesman won Love Island’s fourth series in 2018, when he became a fan favourite alongside Dani Dyer.

Blaming his downfall on a lack of structure after leaving his day job, Jack also hit out at show bosses for not teaching reality stars to invest their money.

“I’ve got really bad ADHD,” he said.

“I can’t concentrate on anything. I was earning good money doing sales. I was happy. I had a structure…

“I think there should be more guidance from them [Love Island]. They should say ‘listen you are going to earn this amount of money – invest it, do something with it.”


It was revealed this week that Jack is at war with his daughter’s mum – with the pair publicly trading furious insults in a vicious Instagram row.

Jack shocked fans last January when he announced he’d welcomed a baby girl with Casey Ranger.

But she has slammed him on social media several times in recent months, most recently sharing an incredibly lengthy statement that accused him of having a “non existent” relationship with their little girl.

Casey also wrote: “He was nowhere to be seen during the whole of my pregnancy and made it VERY clear that he didn’t want to be involved – something I fully accepted, yet as soon as my daughter was born his agents already had a TV show lined up for him – JACK THE DAD!!!!!!”

She slammed Jack for selling photos and interviews about his daughter when she was just one day old, and “making it look like he was a single father”.

The long list of accusations also include Jack cancelling plans to see his daughter for the first time in months at the last minute, and only using the tot to “boost his public profile”, and posting images and videos of her to social media without her permission.

She added that Jack didn’t buy his daughter a Christmas present or card, isn’t even on her birth certificate, at his request, and he stopped turning up to visit his daughter without explanation.

Jack has retaliated by taking to his Instagram Story, saying: “There are two sides to every story but I choose to keep it private and not say anything.”

He added that it was impacting his mental health, insisting to followers: “This person hates me and is bitter because a one night stand didn’t work out, we were never friends – she came back alone to my house with others and her plan didn’t work out. Now she wants to ruin me, the truth always comes out.”