Katie Price fuming as boyfriend Carl Woods is trolled over size of his bulge


KATIE Price was left fuming today – after fans commented on the size of her boyfriend’s trouser bulge.

The 42-year-old star reposted a message hitting out at people who remarked on a picture of the former Love Island star in a tracksuit.

Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods posed for a snap in a beige tracksuit

The picture was bombarded with more than 1,000 comments – with many directed at his crotch.

Pricey shared a message that read: “Rant time! Katie put this on her Instagram. Within minutes ppl were leaving nasty comments about his dress sense and his manhood size!

“WTF is wrong with people??? Leave people alone! If you can’t be nice shut the F up.”

Another asked Katie’s followers to relax, writing: “Leave him wear what he wants, you dont have to wear it ffs .”

Carl and Katie often stick up for each other on their social media pages

She shared a ‘rant’ that told people to ‘shut the F up’ on her Insta Story
Loved-up pair Carl and Katie are planning to get married this year

Katie and Carl often come to one another’s rescue on Instagram – something the star has said she “loves”.

Last year, the 31-year-old stuck up for her in an impassioned speech saying: “I don’t care that Katie’s got a past.

“Everybody knows that Katie’s got a past. Guess what, I’ve got a past as well but nobody knows about that really because I’m not in the public eye.

“Katie knows about it and I know about hers and nobody gives a f*** because it doesn’t matter. It’s academic, it’s in the past.

“It’s about moving forward. And if you didn’t have your past, it wouldn’t make you who you are now. Katie included.”

The reality star told him: “I love how you stick up for me.”

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