Love Island Australia fans heartbroken as Teddy breaks down in tears over being ‘bullied’ in the villa


LOVE Island Australia fans were heartbroken tonight as Teddy broke down in tears over being “bullied” in the villa.

The 25-year-old said his confidence had been crushed during a game of home truths.

Teddy Briggs broke down in tears

Islanders were forced to read out nasty things about themselves said by other people in the villa – and then guess the culprit.

Teddy’s message said: “The thing with Teddy is that I’m a really big ‘teeth person’… and I just can’t.”

All the islanders started laughing, before Teddy threw a drink at Mac believing she had made the comment about his teeth – but it turned out to have been said by Shelby.

There was also a nasty exchange brought back up between Teddy and Eden after their clash.

The 25-year-old explained he had been bullied at school
He cried about being bullied in the villa

Bombshell Teddy took Eden’s girlfriend out on a date – and Eden vowed never to speak to him again.

The game today reopened old wounds and Teddy ended up crying in the Beach Hut.

He said: “I was bullied in school and it took a lot for me to get over that and gain the confidence to really thrive in life. 

“When I came into the villa I felt like I was at that level where I had the confidence that had taken a few years to build up.

“Now I feel I’m in high school again getting bullied by the same meat-head dudes.”I’m not going to quit. Young Teddy in high school never quit…”

This comment upset him
He said he didn’t want to quit

The moment moved ITV2 viewers, who said they were “heartbroken” by his honesty about being bullied at school.

One said: “Fair play to Teddy… it takes a lot for a guy to be as honest as he has just been, thats real. Hes just gone up in my books.”

Another added: “Oh my god. Teddy is such a decent dude. My heart aches for him.”

Someone else said: “My heart is breaking for teddy tonight. That was definitely too close to feeling like Teddy was being bullied…shame on you.”

Shelby made the ‘teeth’ comment and Eden reopened old wounds

A fan said: “Can’t COPE with how upset Teddy is in this episode. Fuck you Eden!! To think Eden and Erin were my favourites until Teddy came in.

“Loved his genuineness immediately, they’ve done nothing but show themselves up since his entrance.”

Another viewer added: “Aww I feel sorry for Teddy. Poor guy! I just want to hug him. No need for some of those comments at all.”