Love Island Australia fans shocked as Grant walks out of the villa


LOVE Island Australia fans were shocked tonight as Grant walked out of the villa.

The tension between Grant and Eden reached a climax – and ended up in tears.

Grant walks out of the Love Island villa

Grant appeared to purposefully bump into Eden in the kitchen.

“He just bumped into me. He just f***ing bumped into me,” Grant yelled,

But Eden insisted: “I did nothing wrong.”

The show of agression soon had Tayla in tears and she sobbed: “He’s too immature to just get on with people in the house, there’s just three days left potentially.”

Tayla breaks down in tears

Tayla is in tears

Grant was devastated as he revealed he’s terrified of losing Tayla as she hates seeing his aggression come out in the villa.

And he accused Eden of “bullying” him before storming out of the villa.

The dramatic bust-up came just after Teddy and Mac opted to leave when the group struggled to decide between dumping them or Millie and Mark, a fight breaks out as the islanders go to war.

A fight breaks out between Eden and Grant

A fight broke out between Eden and Grant
A teaser suggests Grant quits the show
An emotional Grant threatens to leave villa

In the clip Grant is seen storming off – before reappearing with Tayla and heard saying: “Please respect my decision.”

Suddenly Tayla is in floods of tears – but viewers have to wait until tonight to find out what has gone on.

Grant and Eden have already come to blows in the villa before.

A physical fight broke out between the pair that left Eden’s shirt ripped open.

Grant and Eden got into a physical fight - but stayed in the villa

Grant and Eden came to blows – but stayed in the villa

The pals saw red after a shock double dumping and it turned nasty.

Eden was shouting at Grant’s girlfriend Tayla after he was forced to choose Justin to leave the villa.

Afterwards he found out Tayla said: “It’s unforgivable. I won’t forgive Eden for this.”

They had to be separated by the other islanders

They were pulled apart by other islanders
Eden looked furious after Grant came for him
Eden looked furious as he viciously grabbed Grant
Eden's shirt was ripped open
Eden’s shirt was ripped apart

As he confronted her in front of the other islanders, things escalated when Grant moved on Eden.

Grant had to be pulled back and calmed down by Tayla

A seething Grant had to be pulled back and calmed down by Tayla

Eden – who had just been voted most likely to leave the villa with a girlfriend – put his drink down before defending himself.

The boys grabbed at each other’s clothes as they went head to head before the other islanders stepped in to break up the fight.