Love Island Australia hunk John James Parton is Josie Gibson’s ex she dumped after accusing him of cheating


JOSIE Gibson’s hunky ex became the latest islander to spice things up on Love Island Australia tonight.

John James Parton, 34, dated the This Morning presenter, 35, after meeting on Big Brother in 2010 – but got dumped when she claimed he had cheated on her.

John James Parton stirred up trouble with his Love Island Australia entrance

He told NW Magazine he was looking to find a woman who could be a “best friend you can bang” when he entered the villa back in 2018.

Love Island Australia is being rerun on ITV2 after the British version was cancelled amid the coronavirus crisis.

Josie and John went out for a year before the relationship came to a bitter end.

She claimed he’d cheated during an episode of their Channel 5 reality show, There’s Something About Josie.

The pair went out for a year after meeting on Big Brother

They found love in the House

Describing his previous relationships, the reality TV star admitted he doesn’t have a type because he’s “dated them all”.

John James, who works as a DJ Down Under, said: “Ex-girlfriends would say I was manipulative, they felt insecure and that they couldn’t trust me – even if I hadn’t done anything.

“I’m pretty open… I’ve been with bigger girls, skinny girls, girls that look like they’re on heroin, girls that look like they’ve been to Hungry Jacks nine times a year – it doesn’t really matter.”

The 32-year-old DJ, who lives Down Under, said he wanted to find a ‘best friend you could bang’

He met ihs ex on Big Brother

John James, 32, also said his pals called him “Johnny three months” and said his last serious relationship was with a 19-year-old.

After her split with John James, 33-year-old Josie said she was heartbroken.

She fell for John James during her time in the Big Brother house.

When she was crowned the winner, Josie came out and continued her relationship with him on the outside.

It’s this she believes to be the reason they split and said they even drew up a “love contract” to try and work through their issues.

She told The Daily Star at the time: We spent every minute of the day with each other in the Big Brother house and moved in straight away after leaving the show. We didn’t want to be apart.

“But the honeymoon period was over. We argued all the time. John wanted me to stop weeing with the toilet door open and I wanted him to stop moaning and to see things from my point of view.

“It was hard for us to stick to them, though, because we are both very stubborn.”