Love Island Australia spoilers: Dom and Shelby kiss in secret – before she dates BOTH new bombshell boys


LOVE Island Australia fans will see Dom and Shelby shared a secret pash – before the blond beauty dates BOTH new bombshell boys. 

Singleton Shelby wasted no time getting to know Dom a little better by doing sex positions with him, just hours after dumping her ex Jaxon from the villa.

Shelby and Dom are getting closer after her ex Jaxon left

And it seems the two are getting even closer as they pucker up for a cheeky kiss away from the other Islanders.

But how will Shelby feel after she goes on dates with the two new boys who are heading for the Villa? 

After losing a game of ‘rock, paper and scissors’ with Tayla, Dom’s forfeit is that he must go and kiss another Islander.

He heads upstairs and over to Shelby explaining he lost the game and wants to give her a kiss. Despite getting ready for her date with the new boys, Shelby gives Dom a peck. 

The Islanders meet the new bombshells – Mark and Kory

Mark and Kory enter the Villa

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Shelby says: “I think he was marking his territory. But I liked it!”

It appears Dom liked his kiss with Shelby too. Speaking in the Beach Hut, Dom says: “By me giving her a kiss kind of showed that I am keen to get to know her.

“Hopefully that is in the back of her mind when she comes back that there is me still here and that there could be something there. She has soft lips though!” 

Shelby, Millie and Mac all get ready for their dates with new boys Kory and Mark and head out of the Villa.  

The new boys ask Shelby, Mac and Millie on dates

The girls ask them lots of personal questions – also, if they know how to change a car tyre

During the date Shelby asks Kory an important question, she says: “Do you know how to change a car tyre?”

Kory says: “I do! I had to change mine a week ago.”

Conversation soon changes to exes as the girls are keen to find out if Kory has had any serious relationships. 

Mac wants to know who Mark has got his eye on. She says: “Was there someone that caught your eye?”

Who will the boys choose?

Will Shelby recouple with one of the new boys or does her heart belong to Dom?

Mark says: “Maybe you!”

Mac says: “Really?”

Will Mark be the boy to sweep Mac off her feet? You’ll have to tune in to find out – or Google it as the series was in 2018. 

Love Island Australia is on every night at 9pm on ITV2.