Love Island Australia spoilers: Grant asks Tayla to be his girlfriend in shock romantic proposal


LOVE Island’s Grant Crapp has asked Tayla to be his girlfriend on the Aussie dating show – and presented her with a ring.

Tonight sees the couple go from strength to strength as they commit to coupling up in real life as he pulls out the bling.

Tayla and Grant become official on Love Island

The Aussie pair have had their ups and down in the Spanish villa – but it appears that love is in the air for the amusing couple.

The contestants are coming to the end of their stay in the Love Island villa with the winners announced soon.

But tonight is all about Grant and Tayla as he romantically requests her hand in being his girlfriend.

In the Beach Hut, Grant says: “It’s going to be a massive surprise and hopefully when I pop
the question and ask will she be my girlfriend, she’ll say yes… I’ve got butterflies. I’m so

Grant’s big proposal sends shock waves through the villa

Grant says to Teddy: “I’ve got some exciting news to tell you. I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin.
I’m going to make Tayla my girlfriend.”

In the Beach Hut, Teddy says: “I feel like Grant has just asked me to be his best man! I’m
actually a secret agent today and my mission is completely classified.”

With Tayla on a decoy out of the villa, Grant can hatch his surprise proposal.

Later sees the pair get soppy on a date night outside the villa where Grant gets his ring out and the loved-up couple smooch in front of the stunning scenery.

However, it’s been a bumpy ride for the pair.

Tayla is swept off her feet by Grant

Before Tayla, Grant was coupled up with Cassidy and their relationship appeared to be going from strength-to-strength, but then Tayla revealed she was also interested in the 22-year-old.

Cassidy was left furious after catching Grant flirting with Tayla.

Tayla admitted in the beach hut: “I think I’m starting to like Grant. I’m attracted to him.”

As Grant and Tayla were speaking, Tayla said boldly: “If they asked me who would I want to go on a date with then I’d say you.”

Shocked by Tayla’s comments, Grant went to the Beach Hut to respond: “I’d definitely go on a date with Tayla. I’d like to get to know her. I think she is a very genuine girl. But I want to stay loyal to Cassidy.”

Tayla is gobsmacked by his actions

Grant dumped Cassidy for Tayla and viewers were on the edge of their seats as the blonde babe looked to her best pal Erin for guidance before launching into her speech about wanting to prove to ‘this boy’ that she was looking for a genuine relationship.

And after a day of tension and bickering in the Love Island Villa viewers were stunned when Cassidy chose to couple up with her ex Grant.

Grant and Tayla put on the PDAs in the villa

Grant had said to Tayla: “I feel like the reason I came on here was to find you. I feel like I’m supposed to be with you.”

The brunette beauty, 23, went on to ask if he could see them leaving the villa as a couple and the electrician replied: “Yes. I want to call you my girlfriend when we get out of here.”

He added: “For me, saying the L-word is a massive thing. I don’t just throw that around. I have to say it when I know 100%. But I am falling in love with you.”

Grant presents Tayla with a ring and a photo of them
Grant and Tayla are one of the strongest couples in the villa

Fans noticed a random figure moving about the villa last night – but who was it?

Eagle-eyed viewers took to social media to inquire who the strange intruder was which went unmentioned by everyone.

Aussie Love Island star Amelia Plummer later confirmed that the woman in question was actually one of the show’s producers.

The brunette beauty said that they were always asking the crew questions.

Amelia joked that the cast probably annoyed the on-site staffer during filming.

She explained: “We would ask her like 1,000 things. We were probably very annoying.”

Love Island: Australia airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2