Love Island Australia villa rocked by two shock splits tonight before new boy Dom chooses who to couple up with


THE Love Island Australia villa is rocked tonight by not one, but two shock splits tonight – and it’s time for new boy Dom to make a decision over who to couple up with.

Fans who are watching the show for the very first time as ITV2 air the 2018 series this summer will have seen Cassidy and Josh, and Mac and Jaxon get together in the latest recoupling.

Josh takes Cassidy out on a date after catching her eye

But bombshell Dom has put doubt in one islanders mind about her true feelings.

Despite revealing she had a surprise crush on pal Josh, Cassidy has already had her head turned just a day later.

She admits she’s having second thoughts tonight, telling Josh: “I just feel like I’m not being 100% loyal to you right now because I pride myself on my loyalty.

“I’m attracted to you and I’m so attracted to your personality. And you make me laugh and you’re so funny, and so caring and sweet. I’ve been trying to work on the spark. I’ve been struggling with it.”

He’s interested in Francoise too

Josh replies: “I’m not sure what to say, or what to feel. I wanted to give it a shot and see where it could go.”

Meanwhile Mac was having doubts about her feelings towards Jaxon because of his height.

Sparks fly between Dom and Cassidy

But in a shock twist tonight it’s Jaxon who ends the relationship.

He tells her: “I think you’re a beautiful girl and I think you’re absolutely gorgeous. I don’t want to force anything.

“I see you more as a mate. I wanted to come on the front foot and say that I
see us as mates. I don’t want to get into something that is so deep when I forced it a bit myself. Do you feel the same?”

Mac says: “Yes.”

Meanwhile Dom is told he is taking two girls on dates – and Australia voted for him to go with Françoise.

But who will he choose?

Speaking in the Beach Hut about the upcoming date, Françoise says: “It’s exciting. It gives me a chance to see how we get along. And to see if he ticks boxes. And to see if I tick his boxes.”

Sparks fly between the pair, but soon it’s time for Dom to choose his second date and he wants Cassidy.

Getting to know each other over a drink, Cassidy says: “I don’t know
what it is but there is something striking about you. I can’t put my finger on it.

“You’re mysterious in a way. I feel like you were the guy I was waiting for, to walk through.”
It’s decision time for Dom at the end of tonight’s show when he’s summoned to the fire pit and is forced to choose between Françoise and Cassidy.

Dom says: “I’d like to couple-up with this girl because I came in yesterday and I’ve been trying to talk to a few of the girls in the house to work out which girl I have a connection with.

“Obviously, today I’ve taken two girls on dates and I felt like I had a good conversation with this girl and it just flowed.”

Find out tonight at 9pm on ITV2 who Dom ends up with.