Love Island Australia’s Jessie straddles Eoghan in sexy lingerie but he rejects her advances in the hideaway


THINGS heated up tonight on Love Island Australia when Jessie straddled Eoghan in some very sexy lingerie in the hideaway.

But sadly things soon cooled off when the Irish hunk rejected her advances.

Love Island’s Jessie straddled Eoghan in her sexy lingerie tonight

It all started off so promising with the couple were granted a night in the private bedroom, which is away from all of the other Islanders.

Viewers thought things were about to get X-rated when Jessie quickly stripped to show off her barely there underwear and proceeded to mount Eoghan.

But despite her best efforts to seduce him, Eoghan appeared to be uninterested in taking their romance to the next level.

After Jessie kissed him, the Irishman said that he wished fellow Islander Adam was in the Hideaway with them, before complaining about being tired and wanting to sleep.

Jessie had high hopes for her night in the hideaway

She didn’t waste time in stripping off for her Irish hunk

Jessie quickly made her move

The pair started kissing on the bed

The next morning when they were back in the villa, Jessie vented to some of the other girls about Eoghan’s lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom.

“I thought it’d be a little bit more romantic,” she admitted.

The blonde then said that she’d planned to go to bed wearing her lingerie, but that an uninterested Eoghan told her to get changed and even offered to give her his boxer shorts to wear instead.

While Jessie complained, Eoghan told the boys that he just happy to get a good sleep and eat some nice food in the Hideaway – ouch.

But Eoghan quickly got cold feet and brushed off Jessie’s advances

Later host Sophie Monk arrived in the villa to reveal one person would be leaving the Island.

Sadly for Phoebe she didn’t make the cut, and was sent packing.

  • Catch the next episode of Love Island tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2.

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