Love Island Australia’s steamy sex scenes kick off within days & explosive row turns physical, reveals host Sophie Monk


LOVE Island Australia’s steamy sex scenes kick off within days – and an explosive row turns physical, host Sophie Monk has revealed.

ITV are screening series one of the series Down Under again – and it’s set to be even more raunchy and outrageous than the UK.

Love Island Australia host Sophie Monk has lifted the lid on what to expect from series one

Teasing viewers about what to expect under the sheets, Sophie, 40, exclusively told HOAR: “I think three couples have sex.

“You know when they’ve gone the whole way, but you don’t need to see it because it’s already so colourful with their personalities.

“The contestants are from all walks of life. They’re hot sexy singles but when it comes down to it it’s just young love.

“It reminds you of that feeling of being in your 20s and thinking you’ll never meet anyone ever again. There is a really strong couple who are really adorable and it’s almost like they’re too perfect.”

Meet the stars of Love Island Australia series one

It doesn’t take long for hanky panky in the bedroom, but Sophie says who are we to judge?

“They paced it out pretty well, but each to their own,” she laughed.

“It’s like normal life – everyone’s different. I don’t think it matters.

“There were lots who didn’t until they were on the outside.”For me, it wasn’t about that – it was about their connection.”

The 40-year-old presenter says it’s the ‘best show ever’

While some randy youngsters get hot and heavy in the villa within days of meeting, sparks fly in the other direction when personalities clashed.

One fight in particular gets so aggressive that it turns from a war of words into fisticuffs.

“They don’t hold back,” said Sophie.

“Every day I was running into the control room saying ‘what has happened now’?

“They’d say ‘oh don’t worry about them, they’ve made up, it’s these two who are arguing now’.

“There’s one really heated scene. I don’t know if security got involved but it got physical. I don’t want to give away too much.”

But it’s not all sex and arguments – Sophie promises you’ll get lots of laugh to help you get through the rest of lockdown.

The series aired in summer 2018

“You can’t help but laugh at half of the fights,” she said.

“As much as you’re in love with them, seeing them be so vulnerable in this environment and how heightened it gets in arguments and there are some big arguments.

“I’ve been in tons of reality shows so I know what they’re going through. “I love it when they walk out with all this bravado and they think they’re going to be that kind of person, but it doesn’t last.”

“There are a lot of bonds and romance, it won’t disappoint that’s for sure.”

Love Island UK’s sixth series was cancelled this summer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s left a gap in the TV schedule that is being perfectly filled by series one of the Aussie show.

Presenter Sophie was born in London before moving to Gold Coast, Queensland when she two years old.

She has told of fights and romps in the Love Island villa

She can’t wait for Brits who missed out on the Australian series to watch this summer.

“I was born in the UK, so it’s very exciting,” she added.

“There’s no pressure on me. I’ve got a stylist and I slo-mo walk up to the house and tell one of them to leave.

“It’s the dream job, I have a cocktail and sit back and watch it.”

Sophie added: “It’s one of my favourite shows I’ve ever watched.
“The accidental comedy in it and watching very attractive people fall in love is hilarious.

“There’s one person in particular who you think ‘do they not know the cameras are there?’

“Then there’s that thing where someone says one thing and another whisper thing downstairs to a different person. It’s quite comical.

“Australians and Brits have a very similar sense of humour. Aussies have very self-deprecating humour.

“I’m telling you, it’s the best show I’ve ever watched them. I was obsessed with this series.”

Sophie even goes as far as to say it could be better than the UK series so far.

“Brits are in love with their series, but it might just be different.

“It’s also the first series so it’s fresh and that’s always fun.

“The cast is brilliant.”