Love Island bombshell Jamie to confront Callum over dumping Shaughna in explosive scenes


LOVE Island’s newest arrival Jamie Clayton plans to confront Callum Jones for dumping Shaughna Phillips.

The 28-year-old Scotsman tonight slams the lad as “out of order” and says he’s going to give him a dressing down – despite being at home in the UK when he swapped Shaughna for Molly Smith.

Love Island new boy Jamie is gunning for Shaughna’s ex Callum

Choosing Shaughna for a date tonight, he tells her: “I think Nas went about things the right way. I think what Callum did was a bit out of order.

“My plans when I go in are to talk to him I think youre too smart for him if Im going to be honest.

Talking about the brutal dumping she suffered in last week’s recoupling, Shaughna insists: I think hes done me a favour.

Earlier, viewers will see her quiz Jamie, asking: “Have you ever considered being a scaffolder? Are you related to any scaffolders?

The Londoner goes on a date with new Scotsman Jamie tonight

The pair go for a countryside wine tasting on Tuesday night

Confused Callum is set to be confronted by a man he’s never met

Shaughna has pursued a firmly anti-scaffolder agenda since being dumped by Callum, who works as one back home in Manchester.

Approaching tonight’s date, she explains: If hes a scaffolder, Im running. If hes from Manchester, Im running.

Luckily for her, the new lad denies ever having rigged a building, insisting he is a recruitment consultant.

Fans had hoped Jamie might be a new love interest for unlucky Shaughna – but it seems like he’s leaning more towards Demi in tonight’s episode.

It had seemed like Luke Mabbott had won over Demi Jones

However, tonight it seems her head has been turned by Jamie

The 21-year-old style advisor says her “head is scrambled” after flirting with the new boy Jamie, leaving Luke fuming: “I can’t catch a break.”

The Scot joined the show after the eviction of Nas Majeed and Eva Zapico and Rebecca Gormley and Jordan Waobikeze.