Love Island bosses forced to cancel filming after stars got ‘too drunk to film’ on stolen booze


LOVE Island bosses were forced to tear up their filming plans – after some of the boys got drunk on stolen booze.

Farmer Will Young claimed that he, Tom Clare and Casey O’Gorman swiped bottles of prosecco from the Beach Club.

Will Young opened up about a secret boozing session in the villa

The farmer said he, Tom and Casey managed to track down prosecco

He said that Casey got shouted at after the Beach Club party

Speaking on the Saving Grace podcast he explained how they smuggled alcohol onto the terrace and “started getting p***ed”.

He explained: “Around the Beach Club were just bottles of Prosecco and then me, Tom and Casey – the Three Musketeers – all went around together.

“We sat down and we had a couple of glasses. We clocked it – we got one of the bottles and starting drinking it.

“No one said anything so we were like ‘f*** yeah. We’ll have another one’. We got a couple more bottles, went to the terrace and started getting p***ed.

“There why there was no filming of us that day because Tom was supposed to speak to Samie and I was supposed to talk to Jessie and they were like: ‘We can’t film.’

“Casey was with us and got a little bit free, a little bit mellow, went downstairs, got shouted at. Me and Tom were at the top like ‘Oh God.'”

He added: “We had our tops off, we were waving them round like this.”

The scenes, which were not shown on Love Island, took place during the show’s Beach Party – where the Islanders danced to Jax Jones.

However, the fun was quickly halted when Maya Jama arrived with the news that one couple would be leaving.

The Beach Club party quickly turned into a dumping when Maya arrived