Love Island fans baffled as twins Jess and Eve dry their lips and eyelashes with a hairdryer


LOVE Island fans has been left completely baffled after they spotted twins Jess and Eve drying their lips and eyelashes with a hairdryer.

Eve was spotted trying to blast her fake eyelashes with hot air to dry them off after a shower.

Love Island were left confused why Eve was trying to blow dry her face

But the odd angle of the hairdryer left many fans confused about what she was doing.

“Bruv is she blow drying her lips,” Jake Quickenden tweeted.

“One of the twins has just used a hairdryer on her mouth. This has not been observed in humans before and I have made a note. Will submit further findings to Nature magazine,” another quipped.

A third added: “Whys that one twin eating a hairdryer.”

Fans thought she was trying to dry her lips but she was aiming for her eyelashes

The twins are known for their high maintenance look

While another asked: “Hahahaha wtf she doing with that hairdryer.”

It’s not the first time an Islander has confused viewers with her hairdrying technique.

Last year, Dani Dyer was spotted using a similar beauty hack.

Using a 300 Dyson hairdryer to blow dry her eyelashes, the daughter of Eastenders star Danny Dyer also combs them through with what some referred to as a “tooth brush” while casually chatting to her other co-stars.

Dani Dyer blow drying her eyelashes has made our evening

Unsurprisingly, viewers on Twitter were quick to share their thoughts, with the thread dividing opinion.

Some aspired to Dani’s level of “extra” and others calling it the “most high maintenance thing I’ve ever seen.”

The Love Island star had eyelash extensions and it’s all part of the aftercare process to make them last longer – and with eight weeks in the villa, this was completely necessary.

You’re advised not to get your false lashes completely soaking wet, so being in that dreamy pool may take a toll on her long lashes.

Hence why a quick blow dry on a low heat setting (and a comb through with a brow brush to stop them sticking together) can keep them curled and looking their best.