Love Island fans beg ‘leave Will alone’ as ‘disgusting’ video of him getting grabbed by strangers goes viral

Love Island fans beg ‘leave Will alone’ as ‘disgusting’ video of him getting grabbed by strangers goes viral, ,

LOVE Island fans begged ‘leave Will alone’ as ‘disgusting’ video of him getting grabbed by strangers went viral online.

The farmer, 23, shot to fame on this year’s series of the winter Love Island.

Love Island fans were shocked about a TikTok video of Will

Will and Jessie were seen out and about talking to fans

The pair enjoyed a night out in London

Will and girlfriend Jessie Wynter, 26, narrowly missed out on a place in the final – but they are still huge fan favourites.

The pair have been having the best time back in the UK enjoying date nights, shopping and working on Will’s farm.

However a video of the couple out in Soho, London, has worried fans after they got heckled and filmed on the streets.

The fan put their camera in Will’s face and asked about his sheep on the farm – and the clip gone viral on TikTok.

Some fans in the comments section weren’t impressed with one questioning: “Why won’t you leave the man alone.”

“this is really sad… i feel so awful for them. so out of order,” another wrote.

A third chimed in: “I’m scared for will.”

Another video of the same scenario was shared on Reddit from another angle.

One fan said: “This is so disgusting honestly. Like imagine doing this to ANY stranger youve never seen before in your life. Like I literally couldn’t imagine having the balls to do this as if it’s somewhat acceptable…”

“I find people so confusing,” another said.

Earlier this week the couple shared some bad news with fans – that Aussie beauty Jessie has been struck down with an illness after appearing at the show’s reunion last Sunday.

She explained that she has been confined to her bed in their hotel in an Instagram video.

Jessie explained in a croaky rasp, that she was struggling to speak and that her farmer boyfriend Will was looking after her.

The star, who jetted to the UK rather than her native Australia once Love Island ended, said: “Will’s forcing me to go to bed because I’ve got no voice.”

Will told fans: “Jessie’s ill and wants to carry on and go out for meals. She can’t, no, not on my watch.”

She posed a picture of her tucked up in the large bed in their hotel saying: “He is fully making me stay in bed.”

Will entered the villa on day one as an original, but in the first few days had no luck finding a connection with any of the girls.

Jessie, who shot to fame on Love Island Australia in 2019, entered the villa on day eight as a bombshell and instantly knew she wanted to get to know Will.

The pair coupled up on day 10 and went from strength to strength.

Although Will kissed bombshell Layla Al-Momani during Casa Amor, Jessie forgave him.

The couple found love in the villa

The pair have been back enjoying life at Will’s farm