Love Island fans compare controlling Connor Durman to You stalker Joe Goldberg


LOVE Island fans have compared “controlling” Connor Durman to You stalker Joe Goldberg.

Viewers flocked to social media to slam the 25-year-old Islander’s treatment of Sophie Piper after just days in the villa.

Connor exploded at Sophie for being excited about new boys’ arrival

In last night’s episode, the hunk exploded at Rochelle Humes’ sister for the second time, accusing her of “celebrating” news that two bombshell hunks will be joining the show.

He pulled Sophie for a chat after being left enraged when she threw her hands in the air and beamed at the text, with the row ending as Connor stormed off in a huff.

Shocked fans joked about the resemblance between Connor and the killer protagonist in Netflix series You, who becomes psychotic and obsessed with women that he falls for.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Is that Joe from You in disguised as Connor?”

He slammed Sophie’s response to the new boys’ arrival
Connor stormed off after pulling Sophie for a chat

Another added: “I couldnt date a lad like Connor because I have such cheeky banter so wed always have domestics and hed end up locking me up in a cage like Joe from You and Id be f**ked”.

A third quipped: “Connor is giving me Joe vibes from You”.

Fans turned on Connor in the launch episode of the show, which aired on Sunday night.

They begged Sophie to “run” after he snapped at her for making a threesome joke just hours after they met.

Despite getting along like a house on fire earlier in the day, things appeared tense when the Islanders were gathered around the firepit for a game of Truth or Lie.

During the game, 25-year-old Connor boasted about having a threesome with a girl he went home with and her flatmate.

Joe is a psychotic stalker in Netflix series You

Sophie, 21, looked shocked by the revelation but didn’t react, and when Mike Boateng later said that he’d slept with less than 20 women she gestured at his partner Leanne Amaning and joked: “You’ve got yourself a keeper, not one that has a threesome on a first date.”

Grumpy Connor immediately crossed his arms and recoiled away from Sophie, muttering: “You hate me tonight.

“You’re hating me.”

As the brunette beauty playfully protested, the hunk remained visibly annoyed as he added: “You’re digging me out already, you are.”

The hiccup was interrupted by a text announcing twin sisters Eve and Jess Gale’s bombshell arrival, but viewers at home were not able to let the moment go.

Fans branded Connor’s behaviour a “red flag”, with another writing at the time: “Connor already being problematic, why he look like he was about to lose his s**t over a joke? Girl, RUN”.”