Love Island fans complain to Ofcom after being sickened by gross and noisy snogging


LOVE Island fans complained to Ofcom after being sickened by gross and noisy snogging.

Viewers have claimed producers are turning up the volume of the disgusting slurping noises – and they’re fed up of it.

Luke M managed to lick Demi’s face during their first kiss

There were seven complaints made to the TV regulator about last night’s show.

It followed backlash from fans who were convinced Siannise said the N-word, which reached 62 Ofcom complaints.

One viewer said: “I cant stand that kissing noise anymore.”

Another begged: “Can they mute this kissing noise please because its annoying.”

Demi snogged Luke M again last night after a date with new boy Jamie
She’s also enjoyed a noisy snog with Nas

Someone else suggested: “I swear they turn the microphone sensitivity up whenever someone is kissing. The sloppy noise is always super amplified!! #LoveIsland.”

One added: “I just need to know if the producers purposely blast the volume on their mics when theyre kissing????? Bcs Ive NEVER HEARD ANYONE KISS THAT LOUD ITS LIKE TORTURE.”

The show’s raunchy sex scenes are a thing of the past since bosses started censoring them off the show.

Rebecca and Jordan shared a passionate kiss with their tongues clearly visible
They enjoyed a fair few sloppy kisses

Even though the stars are secretly having sex in the villa anyway – bosses won’t show it on TV because they don’t want to “ruin their lives”.

So that means viewers’ main source of saucy moments is passionate on-screen kisses – and there have been plenty since the series kicked off four weeks ago.

On Monday viewers were left cringing when Luke M licked Demi’s cheek mid-kiss.

Siannise gets intimate with Luke T
Callum kissed Molly while he was in Casa Amor away from Shaughna
The villa’s first official couple Paige and Finn have done more than kiss in front of the cameras

The potential couple didn’t hold back when it came to their first kiss after discovering they had feelings for each other.

Luke M got so carried away that his tongue went awol and landed outside of Demi’s mouth.

Recently dumped Islanders Jordan and Rebecca are also guilty of getting very caught up in the moment.

Fans gagged as they slurped through their first kiss, landing the show with even more complaints about the noise.