Love Island fans convinced couple ‘had a row’ before tense reunion and fear they’ll split


LOVE Island fans are convinced that one couple from this year’s winter series had fallen out before the reunion show.

The islanders were brought together on Sunday night for the one-off special, which was hosted by  Maya Jama.

Love Island fans are convinced Tanya and Shaq had ‘rowed’ before the reunion show

Viewers have speculated that they are heading for a split

But eagle-eyed viewers were certain Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga had rowed before going on air.

Sharing their thoughts on Twitter, one fan wrote: “Tanya and Shaq looked as tho they’d just had a row.”

Another added: “I expect the next time I’ll see shaq and tanya is when she dumps his sorry a #loveislandreunion.”

A third said: “Why do shaq and Tanya look like they argued before this?”

And a four tweeted: “Tanya is 100% splitting up with Shaq after the #loveisland. Honeymoon period is over.”

Shaq and Tanya finished Love Island in fourth place.

They left the villa as a couple and Tanya told Maya that she has no regrets about telling Shaq she loved him early on.

But unlike their co-star Will Young, who was more than delighted to be on Love Island: The Reunion, their mood seemed sombre.

Things then went from bad to worse when Maya brought on bombshell Martin Akinola.

Tanya brought Martin back to the villa following Casa Amor, before ditching him and reuniting with Shaq.

She then fiddled with her dress awkwardly as Shaq asked Martin: “I want to know why you came out of the show and started talking on podcasts saying you would sleep with Tanya.”

He added: “If that’s how you choose to speak about women, that’s disgusting.”

During the tense clash, Martin admitted he had “crossed the line” and apologised as Tanya gave him a side-eye glare.

She then snapped at him: “It would have been really nice if you’d apologised directly and had not said that.”

Bombshell Martin Akinola was brought on to the stage

The mood soured even further

The reunion show was hosted by Love Island’s Maya Jama