Love Island fans convinced Shaughna will dump Callum in shock twist as she brings back cursed Casa Amor catchphrase


LOVE Island fans think Callum and Shaughna are doomed after she last night used the infamous catchphrase “I’m happy but I could be happier.”

Viewers pointed out the phrase, which was used on the show by ex islander Wes Nelson in 2018.

Shaughna is worried Callum will leave her for a new girl in Casa Amor

One fan roared: “lmaoooooo did Shaughna just say Im happy but I could be happier THE CURSE OF WES HAS SHAKEN HER”

Whilst another said: “Loool shaughna quoting @WesNelsonUk …Im happy but I could be happier!”

A third fan commented: “Did she just say Im happy but I could be happier LOOL shaughna knows.”

Will Shaughna follow in the steps of Wes and get to know the new boys or will she stay loyal to Callum, who may also not stay loyal to her.

Shaughna cried when she discovered the boys had left for Casa Amor
Callum will be sharing a bed with new arrival Molly

The 25-year-old sobbed after discovering the boys had snuck off to the island’s second villa of Casa Amor, where they were joined by six new girls.

The very excited group of boys quietly packed up their things and went to the diary room to let out their sheer joy of being summoned to Casa Amor, which they described as a “lads holiday.”

The girls were horrified to discover the boys had just disappeared, least of all Shaughna who couldn’t couldn’t hold back the tears.

Things got worse for the South Londoner who felt upset as Callum did not leave anything for her, whilst Luke T, Nas and Finn left something for Siannise, Demi and Paige respectively.

Shaughna and Callum were one of the strongest couples in the villa

The girls were not alone for long as they were joined by six new guys in the main villa.

As they began to introduce themselves to each other, Shaughna seemed to change her tune as she was caught saying “I’m happy but I could be happier.”

She may well have something to worry about as Callum was seen getting to know fellow Mancunian and model Molly Smith, who he also agreed to share a bed with.

Some fans were in hysterics with Shaughna’s comment, reminding them of when Wes Nelson first uttered the phrase.

Wes Nelson was first coupled up with Laura on Love Island 2018

Wes then left Laura to couple up with Megan

Former Love Island contestant Wes Nelson, famously said he was “happy but could be happier” right before ditching Laura Anderson for Megan Barton-Hanson in 2018.

The pair went on to finish fourth on that year’s show.

He referred to the dreaded phrase again when he was rumoured to be dating his Dancing on Ice partner Vanessa Bauer in 2019.

The duo finished runners-up on that year’s show.

Wes and Vanessa were agonisingly close to winning Dancing on Ice in 2019

In a post on Instagram , Wes wrote: “Being happy is a way of life not a destination.”

One fan commented: “Happy … but could be happier ?”

Another added: “Get u hurry up and wife Vanessa already.”

A third wrote: “[Vanessa] loves holding to that bod you make an amazing couple.”