Love Island fans furious after Chloe’s sneaky remark about Kaz after she steals Toby – but did you spot it?


LOVE Island viewers were furious after Chloe Burrows made a sneaky comment as Kaz Kamwi went for a date with new boy Teddy Soares.

Chloe stole Kaz’s man Toby Aromolaran in the last recoupling and asked if he was jealous as his former partner made her way to the date.

Chloe baffled Toby with a sneaky comment about Kaz dating Teddy
Kaz is moving on after being ditched by Toby

Looking baffled as they cosied up on the sofa, Toby replied: “Jealous of what?”

Smiling, Chloe replied: “Jealous she’s going on a date.”

Toby shook his head bemused an said “no.”

Viewers weren’t impressed with the unnecessary comment.

One wrote on Twitter: “Does Chloe have some weird obsession with Kaz? Why would she ask Toby if he’s jealous that Kaz is going on a date?”

Another typed: “Chloe asking Toby if he’s jealous of Kaz going on a date is so yuck.”

A third said: “Chloe saying she’s jealous of Kaz going on a date when she snaked her and took her man?? Gross #loveisland.”


Last night Chloe also lived up to her name as she burrowed into Toby’s pants and was left shocked by what she found.

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The saucy secretary couldn’t contain her excitement after spooning with the footballer and discovering something “f***ing huge”.

The coupled-up pair spent the night sleeping in the garden – but didn’t get much actual sleeping done.

Toby told the boys: “Bro we didn’t even sleep. I don’t know whether that is because she was next to me or because of the situation. 

“Chloe’s dangerous man, I can’t sleep in a bed with her 24/7. 

“Just kissing, cuddling snogging, some grabbing. Grabbing was hot. No goals conceded, no goals scored. Stalemate. We go back.”

However, Chloe revealed more to the girls.

Speaking the morning after, she said: “I’ve never to know a guy to get so excited just from a snog. 

“Then I went into big spoon and I just wanted to feel what was in his trousers and it was f***ing huge. 

“I just didn’t expect it.”

Viewers were in shock at her comments.

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One wrote: “Chloe already looking at his d**k? [crying emojis] #loveisland.”

A second said: “I just threw up over Chloe and Toby. Not today satan. #loveisland”

Another added: “Yes Chloe, but is it Sex/Life huge? #LoveIsland.”

Chloe and Toby got VERY comfortable with each other under the covers