Love Island fans in stitches as Callum falls up the stairs and Shaughna screams ha


LOVE Island fans were in stitches tonight after Callum tripped up the stairs and Shaughna screamed “ha”.

Callum was heading to pull Shaughna for a chat after he brutally dumped her for new girl Molly.

Love Island’s Shaughna screamed ‘haaa’ when Callum tripped up the stairs

The Scaffolder walked up the stairs with his tale between his legs after betraying Shaughna in Casa Amor with the blonde bombshell.

But Shaughna had been tracking his moves and saw him clip the step, stumbling on his way up..

She screamed “ha” but rather than break the ice, Callum grumbled under his breath: “Chaldish.”

His comment left some viewers raging and others howling on Twitter, given that he was supposed to be apologising for breaking Shaughna’s heart.

Callum begrudgingly approaches Shaughna to apologise for finding another girl in Casam Amor

One viewer said: “I cant deal with Callum calling Shaughna childish #loveisland”

One more said: “AND an other boy calling a girl childish for being LIED to reacting however she wants to act”

And others said he had finally transformed into 2019 Islander Michael Griffiths, who ditched Amber Gill during Casa Amor.

They said: “Thats a bit Childish okay Callum. Michael 2.0”

Shaughna refused to cry in front of Callum after his betrayal

HE SAID CHILDISH… admission into destinys childish is complete #LoveIsland

— Anais (@anaissxo) February 7, 2020

Thats a bit Childish okay Callum. Michael 2.0 #LoveIsland

— kidrauhl (@boujeebiebs) February 7, 2020

I cant deal with Callum calling Shaughna childish #loveisland

— Hannah Sewell (@hannahsewell92) February 7, 2020

AND an other boy calling a girl childish for being LIED to reacting however she wants to act #loveisland

— Megan (@_mgnwrdlw) February 7, 2020

That trip and her laugh… CHALDISH but Im here for it #LoveIsland

— Sheree Brown (@sheree_brown) February 7, 2020

Have a nice trip Callum? #LoveIsland

— BethHughes (@Welshie014) February 7, 2020

ik callum did not just trip and shaughna did not just say haha and he did not just call her chaldish #LoveIsland

— mez (@chocolatepinapl) February 7, 2020

she said haha cos of a lil trip LOOOOOOL #LoveIsland

(@shidaneee) February 7, 2020

Shaughna watching Callum trip. #LoveIsland

— Alex SHAQ Shafiq (@InkedUpSHAQ) February 7, 2020

The way Shaughna is making him trip up the stairs and is making him stutter looool hes terrified of her #LoveIsland

— Palesa stan account (@scorpiodivine) February 7, 2020

Molly returned from Casa Amor with Callum

Speaking to Shaughna inside the house, Callum said: “There were just certain things, I don’t know what it is, the way I felt about (Molly) within two or three days.

“That’s not to do with you in a bad way. I thought with you, I was out of touch with my emotional side. When I wasn’t affectionate. As bad as it sounds to you, she does make me happy … I just want you to be happy.”

Shaughna refused to cry and replied: “That’s fine.”

But she later added: “I felt like you were definitely forcing it and you thought I was safe bet, and you would have known something was missing (between us) before you went into Casa Amor.”

Shaughna ran to the beach hut after Callum told her his feelings for Molly are strong

“You could have told me. Don’t insult me but saying you’re doing me a favour.”

The relationship between Callum and Shaughna came under strain as soon as the boys left the villa for Casa Amor.

Shaughna has really been struggling with him not being there

In the first sign of what is to come Callum didnt leave anything for Shaughna when he left while Finn and Luke T did for their girls.

Callum seemed excited to meet the newcomers and quickly honed in on model Molly Smith.

The pair bonded over Manchester – where they both live – and their dogs, and when Molly asked if she could share a bed with Callum he told her to “jump in”.

Back in the main villa Shaughna said she will quit the show if he walks in with another girl.

“I just don’t know what I would do if he comes back with a girl, I would not be able to live in this villa,” she said

Adding: “I really did not think I’d be missing him this much.”