Love Island fans launch fundraiser to fly a date to Nas as he mopes about being single


HEARTBROKEN Love Island fans say they want to raise funds to fly a date out to permanently-single Nas Majeed.

The 23-year-old builder left viewers reaching for their wallets to help him out after he moped around the garden after winding up in the friendzone yet again.

Nas Majeed appeared on tonights Love Island dressed – presumably ironically – as Cupid

Nas has been brutally rejected by Siannese Fudge and ended up in a friendship couple with twin Jess Gale.

And after seeing him on the show tonight, one viewer tweeted: “Im gonna start a gofundme to fly someone out for nas at this point.”

Another begged: “Can we send someone in for Nas. Man deserves to find someone.”

A third wrote: “Really hope a girl comes in for Nas because hes actually amazing and really funny!!”

Nas was complaining about being in a friendship relationship on tonight’s Love Island
The lad was branded ‘amazing and really funny’ by fans tonight
Viewers want to raise funds to get a flight for someone who loves Nas

One other posted: “Nas is soooooo precious omds

Before going into the villa the sports science graduate admitted he hadn’t been dating much lately, but would meet girls through uni or on nights out.

He said his celebrity crush was Naomi Scott, who plays Princess Jasmine in the remake of Aladdin, with Nas describing his perfect woman as someone who is “cute and funny”.