Love Island fans left fuming over sex code as Paige opens up about night in the Hideaway


LOVE Island fans were left scratching their heads after Paige Thorne used nothing but innuendos to describe her night in the Hideaway with Jacques O’Neill.

Islanders’ have become known for their unique terminology especially when it comes to talking about sex, but it can be difficult to grasp, with new phrases being introduced every season.

Love Island fans had no clue what Paige was talking about after her night in the Hideaway

Such was the case when Paige started describing her evening with Jacques in the much coveted Hideaway – the villa’s romantic private room.

The pair were seen kissing before she clambered on top of him.

Rugby player Jacques, 23, was seen telling paramedic Paige, 24: “Go and get your best underwear on. Away we go!”

And fans saw something that made them insist the pair went all the way: a bottle of lubricant next to the bed.

Jacques also spanked Paige on the bum with a whip.

When Paige was debriefing with the girls the next day, she described what went down with Jacques using some very confusing lingo.

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 “We went to the hideaway last night, you know it was just a little massage of the hands to get a feel for somethings,” she told them.

“You know after you get your nails done you get a little cuticles massage and all that kind of thing?”

New bombshell Antigoni asked: “Were you happy with the products?”

Blushing, Paige replied: “Yeah, of course.”

Not really getting the sex code, fans at home complained they were still none the wiser about what happened in the Hideaway.

“Guysssss I really don’t understand this year’s metaphor for sexy time #LoveIsland,” moaned one fan on Twitter.

Another added: “This ‘manicure/pedicure’ metaphor chat is even worse than the graduation chat ffs #loveisland.”

And a third wrote: “I have no clue what all these metaphors mean like what is a hand massage #LoveIsland.”

She spent a cosy night in the private room with Jacques
Paige later told the girls she had ‘her nails done’