Love Island fans left in hysterics as Rebecca wears bikini top on her HEAD


LOVE Island fans were left tickled by Rebecca Gormley’s apparent bikini blunder.

As a former Miss Newcastle, she is no stranger to stunning outfits and sexy attire yet viewers of the matchmaking series think she had messed up her latest swimwear style by wearing a bikini top on her head.

Love Island fans have been left tickled by Rebecca Gormley’s villa style

The apparent blooper was even hard to disguise courtesy of the swimwear’s bright green colour and golden hoop in the middle.

She wore the attire right at the front of her hairline, helping to sweep her long brunette locks off her face.

Rebecca sat soaking up the sunshine on the loungers in the eye-catching attire, before heading inside to the Beach Hut to talk to the camera – still with the garment glued to her head.

Fans took to Twitter to comment, with most wholly convinced the part time model had pulled on the swimwear in error.

They believe she wore her bikini top on her head in recent scenes
The model’s lime green attire could not be missed

One wrote: “Sorry but is Rebecca using a bikini top as a headband ???? she looks like a ninja turtle.”

Another posted: “Rebecca got her headband n bikini the wrong way around lmao.”

One then made a quip about Rebecca not quite making the cut as a fashion influencer in her outfit, and wrote: “Tell you something Rebeccas bikini will NOT be on I saw it first. State of that #LoveIsland.”

Another then commented: “None of the girls have told Rebecca that she’s wearing her bikini wrong and that’s what you get for being stuck up xox.”

Ordinarily, she has proved super stylish in the Cape Town villa
Fans yesterday hailed the former Miss Newcastle the ‘saviour’ of the show as she sparked drama with Siannise

A final Love Island fan pleaded: “Someone tell Rebecca shes got her bikini top and headband mixed up.”

The mishap came in a dramatic episode for the carer, who was involved in a confrontation with Sinnise.

Fans claimed Rebecca had “saved the show” by bringing carnage to the Cape Town villa.

She caused some drama by picking Luke T and therefore annoying Sinnise, and fans were so thankful she has saved the show from being boring.