Love Island fans mock policeman Mike after he struggles to remember any facts about Leanne during couples challenge


LOVE Island fans mocked policeman Mike Boateng after he struggled to remember any facts about Leanne Amaning during last night’s couple challenge.

The 24-year-old hunk coupled up with the 22-year-old beauty in the show’s very first coupling ceremony, with the pair officially reuniting on Friday after he was briefly stolen by twin Jess Gale.

Leanne was unimpressed when Mike got the answers wrong

But despite being the most loved-up pair in the villa at the moment – and Mike’s experience as an officer – he was unable to recall any facts during the task.

The Islanders were given time to swot up on one another’s lives ahead of the challenge, but even then Mike was not retaining what Leanne told him.

In one instance, Leanne could be seen revealing that her mum’s name is Abi, yet when she asked what her best friend’s name was immediately after he replied: “Abi”.

He also struggled to keep up with the other facts being thrown his way, which was evident when the challenge actually begun.

Mike struggled to retain any info about his partner

Asked what their partner’s worst personality trait was, Mike wrote: “Not opening up to guys.”

Leanne was visibly irked as she asked: “What’s wrong with that?” revealing that the correct answer was her “impatience”.

Speaking in the Beach Hut afterwards, Mike confessed: “I might have made a boo-boo of that one.”

Viewers at home were shocked by Mike’s performance, taking to Twitter to react to the scenes.

He even struggled during the briefing session before the task

One wrote: “LOL Mike you’re a police man, aint you supposed to remember details?”

Another added: “Mike you’re a police officer, if you can’t ask Leanne some questions and remember the answers..” adding a shrugging emoji.

A third asked: “How you be former police officer and have s**t memory?

“Mike is struggling, shouldve left the sweet talk to later”.

Mike and Leanne are the most solid pair in the villa at the moment

The embarrassing display comes after The Sun Online revealed that Mike is being investigated by his former police bosses over “serious allegations” of improper conduct.

The star had said in pre-show interviews he quit the force, with the door “left open” for his return.

But we can reveal the former PC handed in his warrant card last year after he was accused of inappropriate behaviour.

He could now face the axe from the show if he did not tell TV chiefs the full circumstances surrounding his exit.