Love Island fans shocked as they spot Callum eating TWELVE eggs for breakfast


LOVE Island fans were left baffled last night as they spotted Callum Jones making himself a huge 12 egg breakfast in a truly bizarre way.

The 23-year-old was seen throwing the eggs into a frying pan, covering them in oil and pepper and them mashing them all up.

Love Island viewers were confused by the way Callum cooked his eggs

Those watching at home couldnt quite work out if he had just messed up fried eggs or was making scrambled eggs or even an omelette.

Taking to Twitter to debate it, one person wrote: #LoveIsland did anyone else see how many eggs Callum was cooking, are they all for him?

Another asked Who the f**k makes scrambled eggs like that?? #LoveIsland.

Someone else put: Is that how Calum makes his scrambled eggs??? #LoveIsland.

The eggs ended up looking like a bizarre scrambled eggs

Is that how Calum makes his scrambled eggs??? #LoveIsland

— Ree (@AngelicSlayer18) January 16, 2020

#LoveIsland did anyone else see how many eggs Callum was cooking are they all for him

— (@__sSophiee) January 16, 2020

How many eggs has Callum stuck in that pan? #loveisland

— Harry (@Harray97) January 16, 2020

Im sorry what were those eggs haha #loveisland

— Becci (@beckarella) January 16, 2020

While a further viewer remarked: The amount of oil in those eggs #LoveIsland.

Others compared him to Ovie Soko from last years show who became known for his impressive cooking skills.

What kinda eggs are these? Ovie would never #LoveIsland, remarked one.

Speaking before he entered the villa Callum boasted that he’s a great cook, with Thai food being his speciality.

Meanwhile Callum is currently caught in a love triangle between himself, Shaughna and Eve.

Eve picked to couple up with Callum
Shaughna was left fuming by Eve’s decision

He was initially coupled up with Shaughna but when the twins entered they both decided they fancied him and after rowing about who would end up with the scaffolder, it was Eve who eventually coupled up with him.

Shaughna was left furious by the decision but cheered up slightly when newbie Connagh took her on a date in last nights episode.

Connor ended up getting a bit jealous and decided that he actually fancied Shaughna more.

Tonight the Islanders will have to recouple but will Connor end up picking Shaughna over Eve?