Love Island fans slam Molly’s reaction after she snogs Zach in secret


LOVE Island fans hit out at Molly Marsh on Twitter after she secretly snogged Zachariah – and told Mitchel immediately after.

Viewers slammed Molly for sneaking off with Zach for a smooch while being partnered up with Mitch.

Love Island fans have slammed Molly for snogging Zach in secret and then running to tell Mict

The social media star has been called out on Twitter

Molly breaks the news to Mitch who pretends to be happy for her

Mitch ended his romance with Molly the day before because she couldn’t reciprocate the feelings he has for her.

And tonight he forced a smile as she giggled and explained she had taken her romance further with Zach.

Writing on Twitter, one viewer said: “Molly is the worst. gleefully running to tell mitch she and zach kissed and then asking for a hug afterwards.”

Another tweeted: “Ew why is Molly running to tell Mitch she kissed Zach when Mitch ended things with her literally yesterday.”

Zach is currently coupled up with real estate agent Catherine Agbaje, 22, but he also left Catherine devastated when he cracked on with Molly.

Love Island has since been reported to Ofcom as viewers demanded Zach should be kicked out of the villa after the mayhem.

Mitch brutally dumped Molly while they were in bed on Monday night as tensions exploded on Love Island.

And now viewers have warned they’ll report Zachariah for his behaviour.

One person wrote: “Zach being a d*** and won’t apologise??? Yeah? Ok lemme go on the ofcom website and complain.”

A second person added: “Calling Ofcom rn omg get zach off asap.”

A third penned: “Ofcom Where is their number or email. Zack needs to go.”

And a fourth echoed: “If zach does this to molly and she cries i’m actually gonna write to Ofcom.”

It comes as fans of the show spotted a ‘clue’ that Molly is about to get dumped in a big way by Zach.

The villa was rocked by the arrivals of two new bombshells, Leah Taylor and Charlotte Sumner