Love Island fans spot ‘hippy crack’ laughing gas canisters in Molly Mae and Tommy Fury’s flat during night in with Maura


LOVE Island fans spotted “hippy crack” laughing gas canisters in Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury’s flat during a night in with Maura Higgins.

The Love Island star, 21, was filming for her YouTube channel in a video called “My Wardrobe Transformation” when eagle-eyed viewers spotted the box.

Maura Higgins and Tommy Fury sitting in the lounge near the box

Molly-Mae filmed herself as she made a spaghetti bolognese for her other half Tommy and best friend Maura.

As she brought the dinner over to the pair sat on the sofa, Molly said: “Spag bol, Tommy, and Bridesmaids,” referencing the movie on the TV.

However, fans noticed a box of laughing gas resting on the table – and next to Tommy sat an orange balloon.

Fans flooded the comments to point it out, with one person saying: “Anyone see the gas canisters on her table?? When she vlogged her food.”

Eagle-eyed fans pointed out this is a box of laughing gas

The canisters can be bought from Amazon

Another added: “Casual box of balloons on the table.”

A third remarked: “I’m not the only one noticing the balloons”.

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is inhaled through a balloon as a drug and is sold cheaply online in gas canisters.

Those canisters are often found across parks and public areas.

The gas was made illegal to sell under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 but is available online.

The Royal College of Nursing warned it can cause choking or tightness in the chest, nausea or vomiting and a dangerously high heart rate.

Five people died in 2017 with nitrous oxide listed on the death certificate, according to the ONS, compared with 1,337 deaths relating to heroin and morphine and 637 relating to cocaine.

Molly’s rep had no comment. Maura and Tommy’s reps didn’t respond to a request for comment by HOAR Online. A source close to Molly insisted she had “never done balloons”.

This is not the first time Tommy has been seen with laughing gas.

Tommy, Molly and Maura on a night out together

He recently returned from a holiday with Molly

HOAR obtained footage of the Love Island star sucking from a red balloon last year.

In the video, he inhales the gas before his eyes roll back and he passes out.

It was filmed in April 2019, house, two months before he went on the ITV2 show, where the boxer portrayed a squeaky clean image.

His pals can be seen strewn around his pal’s Salford, Greater Manchester property, with others seemingly joining in the drug-taking.

Tommy and Molly-Mae met on Love Island

Maura Higgins was staying round their Manchester flat at the time

A source said at the time: “Tommy was inhaling nitrous oxide balloons and passed out on the floor.

“He knew what he was doing. He is a role model to millions. It is a disaster for his so-called boxing career.

“The footage could also be catastrophic for his neighbour-next-door image he presented on screen.

“He invited a girl to the party and took her to a bedroom for sex where he was filmed by pals.”