Love Island fans think lads secret sex food code proves Finn did bits with Paige


LOVE Island fans have cracked the lads’ secret sex food code and think it proves Finley Tapp and Paige Turley did bits in the villa.

Fans of the show were obsessed last night after “the trio of trust” invented a new lingo about their bedroom antics.

Love Island fans think they’ve cracked the secret sex food code that Finley Tapp, Luke M and Luke T came up with last night

While tucking into his breakfast, Finn confided in Luke M and Luke T about what happened in bed after he asked Scottish stunner Paige to be his girlfriend.

He revealed they enjoyed “a bit of a cuddle” and “a couple of things happened,” but to save their blushes on camera, Luke T suggested using the code.

And Luke M chipped in: “Why don’t you name it off the plate?”

They soon started dropping words like toast, tomato, avocado and ‘avocada’ – but only revealed some of the definitions.

Love Island fans were left trying to crack the lads’ new lingo

Though the Islanders’ unique terminology can be difficult to grasp at times, Finn told the lads that ‘toast’ meant the full monty aka SEX.

Luke T had them in stitches when he added: “So if it is avocado, are you receiving oral and avocada, you’re giving it?”

That left viewers guessing what tomato is, with most convinced it’s code for “hands stuff”.

One viewer tweeted: “Avocado, giving oral, Avocada – getting oral, Tomato – giving hands stuff / Tomatah – receiving hands stuff”

Finn and Paige became Love Island’s first official couple and viewers think they’ve had sex in the villa

Another fan mused: “Tomatoes = boobs I think”

And one more joked: “I think they were speaking Hollandaise”

Finn’s mum has kept tabs on her son on the ITV2 show and told him to “grab a pillow” to shield himself and Paige from the night-vision lenses installed in the bedroom.

In an interview with New magazine, she gave advice for when he ‘does bits’ with girlfriend Paige on screen.

Love abit of tomato and toast in the morning. Maybe abit of avacadO. #LoveIsland

— Shereen Felton (@FeltonShereen) February 10, 2020

Tomato, avocado, avocaduh, bread, toast……these three are killing me #Loveisland

— Reesay (@Bouffddaddy) February 11, 2020

THAT was one of the best code covos (is that a thing!?!) ever #LoveIsland #Toast #Tomato

— Emily Jane Turtle (@Emily_Jane1997) February 10, 2020

Finn and Paige all smiles as they made their relationship official

When quizzed about about Finn’s typically loyal nature she said: “Yes. I don’t think he would ever cheat, he’s jut not that kind of guy, if he wasn’t happy with a girlfriend, that’s when it would finish.”

There’s a little less for the footy ace to worry about when he gets home, as his family are already very fond of Paige.

Nicky said: “We all really like her, it’s lovely to hear the things she’s saying about him and it makes you like her more.”