Love Island fans want Finn and Paige to win as they become first official couple


LOVE Island fans have had their say and now want Finn Tapp and Paige Turley to win this year’s series after they became the first proper couple.

Viewers were swooning over the pair as 20-year-old Finn gave a speech to the Scottish blonde, which he had pre-written on his phone earlier in the day.

Finn officially asked Paige to be his girlfriend during tonight’s show

And not only did his words charm Paige, 22, they also had a lasting effect on everyone watching at home.

Viewers took to Twitter in their droves to gush over the couple and have declared they want them to win the show and the 50,000 prize.

“Paige and Finn to win love island,” one person wrote, while another added: “Paige and Finn have to win they’re soooo cute a love them (sic).”

Paige and Finn have to win now, full on crying at how cute they are #LoveIsland

— Hannah Collier (@hannahcollier28) February 9, 2020

Calling it now Paige and Finn to Win this year #LoveIsland

— Tiaa (@TiaVacca) February 9, 2020

Paige and Finn have to win they're soooo cute a love them #LoveIsland

— Melissa Marsh (@melmarsh97) February 9, 2020

Paige and Finn are now my favourite to win this season of #LoveIsland

— Rachel McPartland (@RMcPartland1) February 9, 2020

A third person tweeted: “Calling it now Paige and Finn to win this year,” while a fourth added: “Paige and Finn have to win now, full on crying at how cute they are.”

Finn and Paige survived the Casa Amor test earlier this week and stayed loyal to one another.

Taking Paige to the firepit this evening, Finn told her how happy he had been since he returned single, to find she had waited for him too.

“Its a different scale of how happy I am and I notice how happy you are as well,” he said.

Paige couldn’t believe her luck as she realised what Finn was asking her
The couple certainly had viewers at home swooning over their cute romance

Admitting he was nervous, Finn told Paige he knew from early on that they would click, but had had to break down some of her barriers.

“There is so much I love about you inside and out,” he said, saying he particularly loved her eyes and lips.

“I knew there was a heart in there and I knew there was a soft side and youve definitely shown it now,” he added.

Finn admitted that he is already thinking about a future with Paige outside of the villa

“All I think now is what’s gonna happen on the outside. There are going to be some challenges but I do want it to be something we face together… so will you be my girlfriend?”

Paige was stunned as she held her hands across her mouth before hugging Finn and kissing him.

As the rest of the Love Islanders watched on in anticipation, huge cheers could be heard as the couple stood up and hugged some more.

Paige was then reunited with the other women as the guys joined Finn for more cheering.