Love Island fight that was never shown on air revealed – as two stars had to be separated by bosses


LOVE Island’s Tanya Manhenga has revealed she had a fiery on-air showdown with Zara Lackenby-Brown that was never shown on TV.

The villa pals clashed after a misunderstanding involving Zara’s show rival Olivia Hawkins.

Tanya Manhenga has revealed a secret clash with Zara Lackenby-Brown

Zara had a short but drama-packed time in the villa

Tensions were already high after Zara called Olivia ‘two-faced’ during a game of beer pong, but it was the explanation behind that comment that triggered the row.

Speaking on her YouTube vlog, alongside boyfriend Shaq Muhammad, Tanya said: “I had an argument with Zara that nobody saw, that never got aired. Me and Zara had an argument. She was like ‘I need to f***ing speak to you’.

“It was because I’d had a conversation wit Zara, she was venting about why she was upset that night with Olivia. And I said ‘why did you pick her in the first place, in the game?’ And she was like ‘because I know her and I feel comfortable’, and I was like ‘Oh, that makes sense. People are gonna love this at home on TV because you guys are friends,” and she was like ‘I know’.”

Tanya relayed the conversation to Olivia, who immediately misinterpreted it as Zara targeted her to make good telly.

Despite Tanya’s protestations, Olivia confronted Zara, prompting the latter to snap at Tanya for misrepresenting her.

All hell then broke loose.

Tanya continued: “Then I got up and went after her straight, then we got separated. I got taken outside and the boys told her to go to the beach hut.”

Olivia reflected on her fall out with Zara in an exclusive interview with us after leaving the villa.

Asked if there was animosity between them, Olivia said: “Absolutely not. We worked together once on a music video.

“We’d kept in contact over social media. But I’d say we were work colleagues not so much friends.

“So when she came in it was nice to have a familiar face. I didn’t expect to fall out with her, out of everyone in there.”

Shaq Muhammad and Tanya on a date night in London