Love Island foot fetishist Finn risks row with Paige as he begs Demi to rub his toes


LOVE Islands Finn risks a row with Paige during tonights episode after he begs Demi to massage his feet.

The 20-year-old, who has made no secret of liking feet, takes part in a series of undercover challenges this evening with the other lads in order to win a cocktail party for the Islanders.

Finn could risk annoying Paige as he takes part in a secret mission

They have to take on a range of things such as convincing a girl theyre not coupled up with to give one of them a foot massage, getting a kiss from each girl, tricking a girl into bringing one of them five different items, convincing a girl shes got something on her face for 60 seconds, dropping a girls sunglasses in the pool and gettng another girl to retrieve them.

In the final group assignment they have to somehow encourage all of the girls to get in the pool and do a handstand.

Not surprisingly the boys decide Finn is the man for the job to get a foot massage and he picks Demi to do it.

Its unlikely to go down well with Paige, who is known for sometimes having a fiery temper.

How will Paige react to Finn asking Demi for a massage?
Demi has no idea what Finn is up to
The boys have to take on a series of tasks to win a party

Finn revealed he had a foot fetish very early on in the series, when he blurted out: “One of my sexual turn ons, are feet.”

During last nights show Finn and Paige discussed moving in together and getting a dog as they prepare for the end of the show.

The couple embarked on their final date in Cape Town with Finn rowing them to a secluded island.

As they discussed their feelings, he told his girlfriend: “What I love about you is how happy you make me, you laugh all day long.”

Finn has previously revealed he had a foot fetish

He added: “I do maybe want to try and find a place [together]… I want to do all that stuff with. I want to take you on holiday, I want to move in with you, I want to get a wee dog with you.

“I’ve felt feelings I didn’t think I would.”

Paige admitted: “I feel very smitten. It’s going on the right path… and maybe I’ve tripped and I’m tumbling… falling…” and

Finn agreed: “I’m glad you’ve said it, it’s a strong word, I do believe like you I’ve tripped, I’m tumbling… falling.”