Love Island Nas seductively feeds new girl Demi food after finally getting a date


LOVE Island’s Nas Majeed seductively feeds new girl Demi Jones dessert as he enjoys his first date in the villa.

Keen to impress, Nas pulls out all the stops in a bid to make his night with the stunning archaeology graduate memorable.

Love Island’s Nas Majeed seductively feeds new girl Demi Jones dessert as he enjoys his first date in the villa

Nas has Demi giggling on over the sweet course

With Luke M also securing a date with Demi, Nas is hopeful his lovingly made sweet will woo her.

Before the date, Nas admits: Ive got to pull out my A-game tonight. Its been over two weeks and this is my first date.

And it looks like he’s got it just right as he feeds Demi his special dessert while getting to know her.

He says: Youre actually stunning. Fiery, sexy well go with that for now.

Nas has waited two weeks for his first date

Could it be love for Demi and Nas?

While one romance could be blossoming another comes to an end tonight.

Leanne Amaning will split from Mike Boateng and sleep in the dog house after he gave her the “ick”.

Viewers saw in last night’s teaser clip that the 22-year-old was having second thoughts about her relationship with the copper.

TOnight Leanne admits her feelings towards Mike have changed

She admitted to best pals Sophie Piper and Jess Gale that her feelings had changed.

Leanne tells the girls: I think Im going to have to just lock it off with Mike. I think I just have to end it.

“I feel like Ive given it time Its been two weeks, surely I should like him more than this?

“I feel like Ive just got the ick.

Mike is told his relationship is over

She added: Maybe I shouldnt have left it this long but genuinely I was trying, I wanted to like him, I wanted to catch feelings, but its just not coming.

“Now Ive got the ick, everything he does actually annoys me.

Sophie urges Leanne to pull Mike for a chat straight away.

But it appears things don’t get sorted out before bedtime as she chooses to sleep in the dog house.

The pair have been coupled up since day one but Leanne has had to put the brakes on, after admitting Mike was too forward for her liking and that she wanted to take things much slower.

Leanne takes Mike to the fire-pit to break the news

They have been tipped to win, with viewers backing them as one of the strongest couples.

But doubts began to creep in for both over the last week.

Fans have been left upset about Leanne ending it with Mike.

One said: “Leanne is acting the way we all feared Mike would act. I hate to see it.”

Another added: “Theres nothing wrong with Leanne cancelling Mikes fancy. Nothing at all. These things can happen.

“But this girl is going around telling EVERYONE BUT HIM that shes not feeling it any more.”

Someone else hoped: “I’m really hoping Leanne is doing some bullshit secret challenge to secretly convince the others she’s not into Mike because I’m not ready to see him get hurt tbh.”