Love Island Ollies family contacted producers and asked for him to be pulled from the show claims Curtis Pritchard


CURTIS Pritchard has claimed the family of Love Island walkout Ollie Williams “contacted producers and asked for him to be pulled from the show”.

His shock decision to leave came after backlash over images of the the 23-year-old game hunter with an array of dead animals he killed in Africa.

Ollie Williams quit after three days

ITV were hit with a 35,000-strong petition to have him kicked off the show, but just three days later Ollie announced he was leaving after realisinghe’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

Quizzed about the reason behind his bombshell decision, Curtis told Heart: “His family might have contacted producers and asked for him to leave, you just don’t know.

“They might have seen all the hate he was getting and decided to pull him out.”

Another ex-Islander Olivia Attwood also suggestedfaked his reason for quitting the show.

Curtis Pritchard insists Ollie’s family may have played a part in his departure

But a spokesman for Love Island insisted: “Ollie made the decision to leave off his own back and explained his reasons for doing so in his quote.

“He was not made aware whilst he was in the villa of any press stories running around him but as with all Islanders, since leaving the villa he has now been briefed as to what has been written and said about him as part of our duty of care. We will be supporting Ollie as he leaves the villa.”

Despite Ollie stepping back from the show, his sister has been forced to speak out to beg fans to stop sending death threats and abuse.

Eloise said: “I’m honestly shocked I have to write this but anyone watching that show knows the effects online abuse can have on individuals but not just them, their families too.

Ollie claimed he left after realising he was still in love with his ex Laura Nofer

“The amount of vile threats/comments I alone have received is not ok.

“I’m fed up of watching the same people preach about mental health and male suicides rising to then use their accounts to write hateful comments about someone’s image. Please think about who your words could be affecting next time!!”

In the next story, she shared a message from a troll that read: “Lol good cos you’re a stupid Tory c**t.”

Eloise wrote over the message: “Right seeing as it hasn’t stopped: anyone who sends abuse to me now shall be uploaded for all the world to see, let’s see if you continue when you know your friends could see it.

“(Apologies for language and any offence to my friend/family) but it’s one way to out a keyboard warrior.”