Love Island star Arabella Chi turns down Niall Horan’s advances because he’s ‘too short’


LOFTY Love Island star Arabella Chi turned down Niall Horan’s advances — because he was too small.

The 5ft 10in model was put off by the ex-One Direction singer’s 5ft 8in stature.

Arabella Chi has turned down Niall’s advances because of his height
The Love Island star thinks the 5ft 8in Irish singer is too small for her

Arabella, 28, revealed she has had heaps of private direct messages from fellas since breaking up with ex-Islander Wes Nelson last month.

She told HOAR: “Niall slid into my DMs when I started dating Wes, and immediately after we split. I texted a friend and said,

‘That didn’t take him long.’

“Normally I love an Irish accent but Niall just isn’t my type — and I am 5ft 10.

“He came across as a complete gentleman. But when it comes to love he’s not for me.

Niall slid into her DMs after her split from Wes Nelson
The 5ft 10in model said that his stature put her off
Since lockdown started, Arabella has received loads of messages from famous men

“I wouldn’t think, ‘Oh well I am going to message him because he’s Niall from One Direction’.”

Lockdown has hit Arabella’s hopes of new love.

She said: “I have loads of famous men sliding into my DMs.

“I didn’t realise how my DMs would blow off once I was on Love Island.

“Now I’m in lockdown, my DMs are exploding again… but I can’t enjoy it.”