Love Island star Claudia Fogarty praised by fans as she goes back to her old job weeks after villa success

Love Island star Claudia Fogarty quits fame and returns to her old job weeks after stint in the villa

LOVE Island favourite Claudia Fogarty has gone straight back to working on her brand after leaving the villa.

The 28-year-old shared a picture of herself wearing a pair of socks from Sister Stories, a clothing company she runs with her old sister Danielle.

Claudia was back plugging her clothing brand – Sister Stories

Claudia had a tough time with Casey in the villa

Claudia was inundated with praise from her fans, who described her as an inspiration after her testing journey in the villa with Casey O’Gorman.

One person wrote: “You truly are an inspiration to so many of us young girls and women. You are more than good enough and never let anyone make you think any different, we are all here supporting you while you chase your dreams.”

A second said: “Top lass who done herself and family proud. Strong and independent and refused to be played by a whopper.”

While a third added: “Such a lovely young women that many young girls can relate too.”

As well as owning Sister Stories, Claudia and her sister have a clothes boutique called Storm Fashion.

Speaking shortly after they opened the store, which stocks lots of designer brands, back in 2019, Danielle said: “We opened the doors to Storm on 1 May and are already so overwhelmed with how well it is going.

“We have had so much support along the way, which has helped us to be in the position we are now – in particular, one lady who believed in us from the start and helped create this dream we have now.”

During her time in the villa, Claudia became known for her stylish attire – and being more than happy to let the others wear it.

Ellie Spence said: “Literally day one she came in and was dishing out all of her designer s*** – glasses and dresses.

“I was literally like ‘I need a dress, I don’t have anything to wear’ and she just pulled out her wardrobe first day and said ‘take your pick’. Love her!”

Claudia has been praised by her fans