Love Island star Dani Dyer ‘afraid’ after being stalked by jailbird ex-boyfriend


LOVE Island star Dani Dyer is being stalked by her jailbird ex-boyfriend.

Conman Sammy Kimmence got a friend to spy on the reality star, 25.

Dani feels ‘furious, afraid, and violated’
Sammy Kimmence ordered a pal to keep an eye on Dani from his cell

He flew into a jealous rage at her friendship with £18million West Ham star Jarrod Bowen.

In calls from prison, Kimmence, also 25, revealed he asked a friend to “keep an eye” on Dani and was “not happy” with her behaviour.

As details emerged of his sinister watch on her, Dani said last night: “After all the awful things he did came out in court and we split up, I thought I could start to move on with my life with little Santi.

“But this is just really horrible and scary. I have been left feeling furious, afraid and violated.”

She and Kimmence had dated for a year before she went on Love Island in 2018.

She fell for Jack Fincham  as they won the ITV show, but they split and she got back  with Kimmence.

They welcomed Santi this January but Dani then  dumped Kimmence after he was jailed in July.

 A source close to the   TV star, daughter of EastEnders’  Danny Dyer, said she had found Kimmence’s monitoring of her “deeply disturbing.”

The source added: “Dani has tried to handle everything very sensitively this year at a difficult time.

“She is very conscious that anything she says publicly will always be there for Santiago to read when he’s older, and she has wanted to protect him as best she could.

“All she wants to do is get on with her life. She is an independent, single woman and a loving mother. The thought that her everyday, innocent life is being monitored is of huge concern.

“Despite the fact that they are no longer together, Sammy having Dani spied on from his prison cell is deeply disturbing and has really shown his true colours.”

Conman Kimmence wept in the dock as he was sent down for duping Peter Martin, who has since died, and Peter Haynes, 81, into giving him £34,000 by posing as a financial investor.

Kimmence, who was single at the time, used the pair’s hard-earned savings to splash out on expensive restaurant meals, hotel stays and clothes for himself.

He also bought a personalised number plate for his Mercedes.

Families of his victims celebrated the ruling at Portsmouth crown court — describing the fraudster as “a scumbag who got everything he deserved”.

Close sources told how the verdict blindsided Dani after Kimmence “repeatedly lied to her” about the severity of his  crimes.

They revealed she had been led to believe he would be given a suspended sentence, and was even packing for a family holiday they had planned.

Following the crushing verdict, she ended their relationship and focused on moving on with her  son — supported by dad Danny and mum Jo Mas.

But this week she was hit by a second cruel blow  when it emerged  ex-stockbroker and amateur footballer Kimmence has been monitoring her  from his prison in the South East of England.

His twisted plot was exposed after he exploded in fury when a spy told him that Hammers ace  Jarrod’s car was seen parked outside Dani’s house in Essex.

There is no suggestion they are in a romantic relationship.

But lashing out in one phone call, Kimmence  raged: “I’ve got someone keeping an eye on her for me, and I’m not happy with some of the things she’s been doing.”

Dani  signed  for Love Island 2018 shortly after she and Kimmence broke up following  rows.

Appearing in the villa, she told contestants that he had been a “liar” and a “cheat”.

And in 2019 biography What Would Dani Do? she admitted that her former boyfriend had treated her like “a side dish in Nando’s” in the early days of their relationship.

She revealed: “It was like  I was just the fried halloumi when all I wanted to be was the chicken. I asked my dad for advice and he told me, ‘He’s not for you, babe’.”

Dani found romance in the villa with Jack and they won the ITV show — and the hearts of millions of viewers.

But in December 2018 she revealed they had split, the  final break up coming in April 2019.

Defending her decision to get back with Kimmence  after they were spotted kissing, Dani  told fans: “You all can say what you want to say . . . but I’m so f happy.”

However, her joy proved short-lived when Kimmence was accused of scamming clients at legitimate company Equine Global Sports Limited.

Previously a senior trader at the company, he took on the clients after the business went into liquidation, claiming he was authorised to provide financial services.

He and Dani briefly split after the claims came to light.

But they later reunited again and announced in July 2020 that they were expecting their first child, excitedly posing for an Instagram photo with the baby scan.

Thrilled Dani even hinted in the final months of her pregnancy that she was keen to have more children with Kimmence — as she promoted a maternity range for In The Style.

Asked by fans if she would release more pregnancy ranges, she replied: “I’m sure with baby No2.”

Soon after  the couple welcomed   7lbs Santiago and Dani told fans the new parents were “completely in love” with their little boy.

Dani’s new  pal Jarrod Bowen joined West Ham from Hull City in 2020 for  £18million  with a reputed £60,000-a-week salary.

Originally from Leominster, Herefordshire, he once bulked up by dragging tractor tyres.

His dad Sam told HOAR that the  family mantra was: “We don’t have a reverse gear, so we’re always going forward.”

Jarrod almost gave up on the game as a teenager after he failed a   trial at Cardiff City.

He said: “I was like, ‘I can’t be bothered with this’.  But luckily Hereford’s youth team started  up again. I took some persuading to go back. But in the end I agreed.” 

Dani and her ex pictured during happier times with her father

Kimmence flew into a jealous rage at her friendship with £18million West Ham star Jarrod Bowen

Kimmence was convicted of fraud and jailed for three and half years

Peter Haynes lost nearly £8,000 from Kimmence’s scam
The late Peter Martin lost £26,000 from Kimmence’s fraud

Dani is trying to move on as a single mum to baby Santiago