Love Island star takes new swipe at villa rival after threatening to ‘take her man’


LOVE Island star Zara Lackenby-Brown has appeared to take another swipe at her co-star following their secret row in the villa.

The 25-year-old recently revealed the argument that left her in tears never made it on screen.

Love Island’s Zara made a cheeky reference to her villa row with Tanya and Olivia

Zara was left in tears when Tanya told Olivia she was playing up for the cameras in the villa

Tanya has come under fire from Zara

In an interview this week she told how Tanya Manhenga “lied” and “twisted” her words to make it appear she had been playing up for the cameras in South Africa.

And last night on Instagram, Zara shared a video from make-up store Sephora of a product that took her fancy.

It was a cream blush called “two faced” and Zara admitted she was “obsessed.”

It comes after the London-born beauty shared a TikTok video of her miming to the lyrics: “I can take your man if I want to but lucky for you I don’t want to.”

Fans were quick to suggest she was aiming shots at Tanya, 23, and her partner Shaq Muhammad, 24.

Zara recently addressed an explosive argument that she and Tanya had in the villa in an interview and said she was hurt by the way Tanya spoke about her during Movie Night.

Zara revealed Tanya apologised for stirring trouble between her and Olivia, but later made derrogatory comments about her.

She explained Tanya told Olivia that she singled her out in a challenge as the most two faced “to make good TV”.

Zara said: “When I heard that I burst into tears, I thought I had a friend in Tanya, and she spun in to Liv.

“The producers had to step in, I was really crying, everyone saw, and for me that was a moment I wanted to forget, it didn’t make it to air.

“She said she did say it in a way that sounded bad, and she didn’t mean it. If you apologise we can move it.

“I felt like we were good friends in there but then I saw a clip of Movie Night, it really hurt me.

“They played a clip of Shaq flirting with me, and Tanya said to Shaq ‘oh, you want to flirt with THAT girl?’

“I wouldn’t address a friend like that.”

Zara went on: “At the beginning, I remember when I was talking to Shaq I realised it was more friends, and I went to Tanya and said, ‘I want you to know I’m not interested in Shaq in that way.’

“She was like, ‘Oh I was stressing out because I know you were more his type than me.’ And I told her, ‘No girl, he is all into you.’

“Then she ran and told Shaq ‘Oh Zara doesn’t like you.’ And I wondered why Shaq was off with me, so I never got that chance to talk to him and discuss it, being friends.

“Then there was this rumour going around that I was only speaking to Shaq to make Tom jealous, and I was like, ‘Where is all this coming from?’ I was trying to be as transparent as possible.

“I could have said to Shaq, when David came in as a bombshell with me, ‘Tanya told me David is more her type than you.’

“But I didn’t do that.

“There were so many opportunities when (I) could have snaked someone. But it’s just not in our nature.”

Zara says Tanya stirred trouble in the villa