Love Island star unrecognisable as she shows off ‘new face’ after controversial fox eye surgery


A LOVE Island bombshell has been left looking unrecognisable after undergoing controversial fox eye surgery.

Mollie Salmon, 23, has opted for the procedure – similar to a thread lift – which raises the ends of the eyebrows upwards.

Love Island star Mollie Salmon has revealed the results of her fox eye surgery

Mollie showcased her ‘new eyes’ in a since-deleted snap

Mollie told her fans she had had the procedure in Turkey

The make-up artist revealed the first snap of her new look in an Instagram picture – which has since been deleted.

It was uploaded after Mollie hit back at trolls who claimed the surgery would ruin her face.

The star – who arrived on TV in Love Island‘s Casa Amor in 2022 – can be seen with a black headband brushing her locks off her face.

Her cheeks look noticeably more taught while her eyes appear raised at the ends, changing their shape entirely.

She took her selfie with the help of her mirror and added the caption: “New eyes.”

Earlier this month Mollie jetted to Turkey to undergo fox eye surgery, documenting it on TikTok.

She shared a clip of herself 24 hours after surgery looking bruised and swollen.

“Fox eye surgery recovery, the healing process is a journey,” she captioned the post.

On her Instagram account, she revealed she went under the knife at Mono Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey.

Despite clearly being excited for her new look, trolls were quick to claim Mollie’s surgery choice wouldn’t end well.

One wrote: “Bug eye surgery.”

Another remarked: “I’d never in a million years get an eye surgery.”

But Mollie wasn’t going to let the haters win as she posted another clip revealing the final results of her surgery.

She penned: “Reading through all my comments saying I’ve ruined my face with fox eye surgery.”

Wearing black sunglasses she mimed over the sound: “I had a little cry earlier, and I had a big cry last night, but I’m not crying now and I think for that, I’m doing so well.”

Eye surgery experts Optimax have given the lowdown on the fox eye surgery trend.

They state the procedure is: “When the outer edge of your eyebrow is lifted to extend upwards rather than following the natural brow bone.

“This lifts the corners of your eyes and the skin around the area, mimicking a face lift and blepharoplasty with what has been referred to as a ‘minimally invasive surgery’.”

Yet issuing warnings about the side-effects, they added: “Disfiguration isn’t uncommon in fox eye surgery patients as healing varies from person to person.

“There is no way of knowing how your body will react to the small hooks on silhouette soft threads, or to being pulled by PDO threads.

“Ripples and skin puckering are known side effects of fox eye surgery, as are infection and encapsulation.”

The TV star has hit back at fans who slammed her surgery

Mollie, pictured prior to surgery, has had the ends of her eyebrows raised up