Love Island stars reveal amazing ‘secret door’ in their house – but fans are all saying the same thing

Love Island stars reveal amazing ‘secret door’ in their house - but fans are all saying the same thing - Alex Olivia Bowen

LOVE Island stars Alex and Olivia Bowen have left fans scratching their heads after showing off the latest addition to their mansion.

The couple, who tied the knot after meeting on the show, have snapped a photograph of a ‘secret door’ in their new extension.

Love Island’s Alex and Olivia Bowen have installed a ‘secret door’ in their mansion

But the couple’s fans are not all convinced by their latest addition

With clever smooth walls and a huge painting hanging on it, some visitors will not even realise it is a door.

But after snapping a photo of the ‘secret door’ and sharing it on social media, their fans have all been left in agreement – that it is not longer a ‘secret’.

Olivia, 29, had written: “Secret door’ complete ✔

“Alex & I have always loved the secret door idea with a painting!

“We have a ‘secret door’ upstairs in our dressing room which leads to our en-suite, it’s a mirror each side I love it! I feel like a spy.”

She added: “This room leads into Alex’s studio which is a little unfinished still bits to add!”

One fan, however, replied: “It’s no secret now lol, the whole of the uk & burglars know lol.

“Some things you should keep private to protect your family.”

Another added: “Secret door no more.”

And pouring water on Olivia’s design, a third claimed: “I knew it was a secret door before reading the caption. That break in the trim gave it away.”

Olivia and 31-year-old Alex took the comments in good humour, with them replying on their home renovation Instagram account: “Haha the cats out the bag! Xx.”

Since appearing on Love Island in 2016, Alex and Olivia have become the show’s power couple, regularly topping the list of the Love Islanders who have banked the most money from it.

The couple, who are thought to be worth £4.2 million, moved into their stunning £1million mansion in February 2020 and have completely transformed the place.

It now boasts a gorgeous play room for their son, who is almost one, a gym and a utility room complete with a miniature bath to clean their French Bulldogs.

Outside is a sprawling garden with hot tub.

Alex and Olivia were the first Islanders to marry, with a ceremony in September 2018 that netted them a £25,000 magazine deal.

Since then, they have carved out careers as mega influencers and fronted a string of big-money campaigns.

In 2021, the couple launched their property empire as they set up The Bowen Homes Ltd.

Olivia, meanwhile, previously confessed to earning an eye watering £50,000 on a good month.

That is compared to taking home £1,500 a month when she worked as a sales executive and lived in a council flat prior to signing up for the ITV2 show.

Alex and Olivia met on series two of Love Island in 2016

The couple bought their huge house in 2020

They are keeping fans up to date with their renovations on Instagram