Love Island twin Eve Gale claims Paige and Finns relationship is fake


LOVE Island twin Eve Gale has claimed Paige Turley and Finn Tapp’s relationship is fake.

The 20-year-old, who was dumped from the island earlier this month, revealed what she really thought of her fellow islanders.

Paige and Finn were chosen to spend time together in the hideaway

Love Island twin Eve reckons Lewis Capaldis ex Paige and Finn’s romance is fake.

The model and nightclub hostess, who was previously coupled up with Callum Jones before she got dumped, revealed to “I dont think Paige is into Finn as much as he is into her.”

Paige got with Finn after the first guy she was coupled with Ollie Williams sensationally quit the show because he was still in love with his ex.

Eve added: “I thought Mike and Leanne would win but obviously that has changed now.”

Love Island twin Eve reckons Paige and Finn’s romance is fake
She reckons Paige is not that into Finn

Eve told the Sun Online how much she missed her twin sister who is still in the villa.

Eves sister Jess is still in the South African villa and is coupled up with Luke Mabbott.

Speaking at the National TV Awards she said: “I’m rooting for my sister to find love.

“I can’t tell you how much I miss her.

“I really miss us getting ready together before we go out. So strange not to have her with me.

“I’m so proud of her though and just want her to be happy. ”

Paige got with Finn after the first boy she was paired with Ollie Williams quit because he was still in love with his ex

The Hideaway is finally open for business

Meanwhile Paige and Finn were the first couple to enjoy secluded time away in the hideaway.

The singer and semi-pro footballer got racy in a bed that was covered in rose petals and even a feathered tickler.

The pair have had a rocky relationship in the villa so far with Paige calling the 20-year-old “immature” and him slamming her for being using the “age card” in their first argument.

Paigestarted a screaming row with Finn – because he didn’t sit next to her while many of the other couples were beside their partners, and also had rows with him when new girl Rebecca came in the villa.

She also snapped at him for laughing on his date with new girl Demi, 21.