Love Island viewers are stunned as Erin reveals she doesn’t know what a cucumber is


LOVE Island Australia viewers were left stunned tonight as Erin revealed she didn’t recognise a cucumber.

The blonde beauty and her beau Eden went shopping together, tasked with getting ingredients for the boys to make a tasty tapas dinner.

Is this a cucumber? Asked Erin.

As Erin and Eden wandered through the shop looking for things to buy, viewers were at first flummoxed that Erin didn’t know what tapas was or how to pronounce it. Despite Eden telling her several times.

After selecting some olives and meat, Erin and Eden grabbed a cauliflower, which they thought was a lettuce, before deciding they needed a cucumber for the salad.

Picking up the green vegetable, Erin asked Eden: “Is this a cucumber?”

He replied, “does it smell like one?”

The couple went shopping for tapas, which Erin also wasn’t sure about
Luckily Eden was there to help slightly

Erin gave it a good whiff before revealing she didn’t know what cucumbers smelled like.

Followers were floored by the performance and lack of vegetable knowledge.

One wrote: “You what? She doesn’t know what a cucumber is? F*ck off”


A third questioned: “How can someone not know what a cucumber looks like?!”

“Did..did Erin forget what a cucumber looks like..,” wrote a fourth.

The pair were the first couple to spend a night in the Hideaway
The two were tasked with buying the ingredients for dinner

Erin and Eden were the first couple to spend a night in the Hideaway after the smooth talker read a poem to Erin that convinced her.

The pair dived into bed tonight after Eden bragged they were going to “stay up all night” in the Hideaway.

The couple drank champagne before getting intimate under the sheets after Eden spent an hour writing a romantic poem for his love interest.

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