Love Island viewers call Connor a controlling psycho as he explodes at Sophie over the new bombshells


LOVE Island viewers tonight slammed Connor Durman as a “controlling psycho” after he lost his temper with Sophie Piper for the second time.

He exploded at Rochelle Humes’ sister Sophie for “celebrating” about the new bombshells arriving – despite only knowing Sophie for a few days.

Connor was left fuming when jealousy got the better of him

The pair have been cuddled up from the first show and enjoyed kisses in bed last night.

But things turned sour when Connor spied Sophie with her hands in the air and a big smile on her face when it was announced two new boys are joining the villa.

Unable to let it go, Connor pulled Sophie for a chat – and it ended with him storming off in a huff.

Fans were furious about his reaction and said it was a “warning sign” for trouble ahead.

Sophie celebrated by waving her hands in the air
She looked over the moon when the boys walked in

One said: “Connor is giving me all the psycho vibes, so controlling #Loveisland.”

Another added: “Connor is a control freak warning signals from the start with him #getinthebin #LoveIsland.”

Someone else joked: “Connor is a psycho! he will use those teeth to bite her as punishment in her sleep! #loveisland.”

A viewer added: “Connor is winding me up, thats the psycho behaviour. They havent known each other a week and hes like that with her, she needs to run #LoveIsland.”

Another warned: “Connor has psycho boyfriend vibes. Sophie, run! Sophie better get with 1 of the new boys. #LoveIsland.”

The pair had a tense talk
He stormed off in a huff
And left Sophie stunned and confused

Someone else claimed: “Connor needs to f*** off mate already acting like a controlling psycho #LoveIsland.”

It’s not the first time Connor has lost his cool.

The 25-year-old coffee bean salesmen snapped PA Sophie over her threesome joke just hours after entering the villa.

During a game of Truth or Lie, Connor boasted about having a threesome with a girl he went home with and her flatmate.

Fans were shocked by the way Connor snapped

Sophie, 21, looked shocked by the revelation but didn’t react, and when Mike Boateng later said that he’d slept with less than 20 women she gestured at his partner Leanne Amaning and joked: “You’ve got yourself a keeper, not one that has a threesome on a first date.”

Grumpy Connor immediately crossed his arms and recoiled away from Sophie, muttering: “You hate me tonight.

“You’re hating me.”

As the brunette beauty playfully protested, the hunk remained visibly annoyed as he added: “You’re digging me out already, you are.”