Love Island winner Sanam reveals her heartwarming welcome home present and her new adopted title

Sanam Harrinanan

LOVE Island 2023 winner Sanam Harrinanan has revealed her heartwarming welcome home present.

Smitten couple Kai Fagan and Sanam were left shell-shocked by the result that saw them beat Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins to the £50,000 prize and win the show.

Sanam has revealed the heartwarming gift she received after arriving home

The 24-year-old social worker from Bedford won the show alongside beau Kai

Sanam has since returned home and shared a look at a sweet gift she’d received.

The 24-year-old social worker from Bedford was gifted a photo frame with a picture of her inside.

Sanam could be seen smiling in the snap, which was taken while she was on the show, and on it was written: “The nations princess,” followed by the date.

Touched by the thoughtful gift, the reality favourite penned: “Usually don’t feel like I should be called this but the fact this was trending at one point actually melts my heart.

“I literally love everyone who said this.”

Speaking from South Africa at the time of their win, Kai said: “Honestly, I think we’re both so shook.”

Sanam added: “So shocked, I can’t believe it. I just want to thank every single person out there who has voted for us and supported us. If I could hug every single one of you I would. That’s how much love I feel.”

Kai had the final word, saying: “I can’t comprehend it, it’s mad. Thank you everybody that voted for us. Truly, I’m so thankful.”

The pair met less than a month ago in South Africa, when bombshell Sanam entered the ITV2 villa on day 29 as part of the infamous Casa Amor twist.

Their romance quickly captivated fans and they galloped to victory, taking 40% of the public’s vote and the £50k prize.

Now they’ve met each other’s families and revealed plans to move in together.

And since arriving home, their nearest and dearest gathered in a huge hall and cheered them on after their epic win.

The pair posed beneath a huge balloon arch with Love Island themed colours and writing marking their return.

In his show exit interview, Kai revealed he’ll ask Sanam to be his girlfriend soon.

He said: “I’ve made it pretty clear that she is definitely going to be my girlfriend on the outside!

“As soon as we get out here, that’s when even more effort starts.”

Kai has vowed to make Sanam his girlfriend