Love Island winners Kai and Sanam hit back Tanya’s cruel comments in feud


LOVE Island winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan have hit back at Tanya Manhenga after she took a swipe at the couple.

During their time in the Love Island villa Tanya, 23, was seen questioning the strength of Kai, 24, and Sanam‘s relationship and asking why she and Shaq Muhammad were in the bottom two over them.

Sanam and Kai have had their say on Tanya’s comments about their relationship

Tanya questioned why she and Shaq were in the bottom two and not Kai and Sanam

Now the winning couple have hit back. Addressing Tanya’s comments, Kai said: “I think that was a bit confusing to be honest.

“We know how compatible we are, we know how strong our couple is. We spent so much time together in the villa and what we got we knew was completely true.

“Everybody in the villa knew it was completely true.”

Appearing to reference Tanya’s heartfelt and very public speech for Shaq, Kai continued to Cosmopolitan: “Just because we didn’t turn around and make massive confessions to each other and get into drama, doesn’t mean that what we had wasn’t as strong as other people’s.”

He said: “That hurt a bit. It was like, just because we’ve not had arguments… the perfect scenario is, when you get in a relationship, that you don’t have to have an argument with somebody.”

Kai added: “Every relationship is different and that’s her thoughts and her opinions.”

After she and Shaq landed in the bottom two of a public vote, Tanya told Lana Jenkins: “It’s not nice to be in the bottom. I feel like I am shocked every time.”

Lana replied: “It’s never going to be easy, especially because you are day ones as well. Will and Jessie were a shock to me as well.”

Tanya continued:  “I just don’t get it anymore. You can’t take it to heart, but it’s crazy to think that me and Shaq and Will and Jessie are in the bottom and Kai and Sanam are not. I am not saying they are less than us but you would think…”

Lana asked her: “Because they are a newer couple?” and she replied: “Yeah.”