Love Island winners Kai and Sanam reveal surprising way they’ll spend £50k win


LOVE Island winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan have revealed how they’ll spend their £50,000 prize money – and it might surprise you.

The smitten couple appeared side by side on last night’s reunion show and were quizzed by host Maya Jama on how they were planning to spend the huge sum.

Kai and Sanam want to use their money to do good

Prior to entering the villa, Kai was a secondary school teacher while Sanam was a social worker and both are keen to continue helping youngsters with their newfound fame and riches.

Kai said: “We both worked with kids before we entered the villa and that’s something we want to continue doing, and we’ve been talking, and everything’s really intense at the minute, but we need to step back and I think we’re gonna take part of it and invest in passion projects and help things we believe in.”

His answer was met by cheering and applause from the studio audience.

The couple also spoke about their winnings on The Morning After podcast, and it would seem they’re going to treat themselves in addition to their charitable endeavours.

“We have about a thousand dates planned,” said Kai. “We said we want to go to the Amalfi coast and Santorini. I feel like they are more holidays than dates.

“Maybe invest a little bit.”

Sanam said: “I am going to be soppy but I am going to give my mum some of course because it’s just me and mum so I have got to support her as well.

“I was literally on the phone going ‘Mum you are getting some, I don’t care what Kai says, you are getting some’, and the rest we will spend on ourselves, invest and build something with it.”

She continued:  “We have actually spoken about – we come from jobs where we both work with children and I actually want to be able to do something for those children.

“I don’t know what it is because I am not very business minded, but that is something I want to do and we want to pursue with that.”

The couple were the runaway Love Island winners