Love Island’s Alex Bowen suffers ‘meltdown’ in lockdown saying he’s been pacing house desperate to get out


LOVE Island’s Alex Bowen has revealed he suffered a “meltdown” in lockdown as he struggled with staying indoors.

The 28-year-old said he had been pacing the house desperate to get out after the coronavirus pandemic got on top of him last week.

Alex Bowen has admitted struggling with boredom in lockdown

He said: “I’ve always been a big kid and I’ve realised that even more in lockdown.

“I had bit of a meltdown the other day. I can’t stay in the house anymore. i know it’s not a hard thing, but you get so bored and stuck in the same routine.

“It’s good to stay in for a while, but then everything starts to close in.

“But I know there’s worse things that can happen.”

The couple are used to travelling the world together

They’re isolating together in their dream home

Olivia, 26, added: “He’s been running around and pacing trying to get out. I’m more of a homebody, I like staying in.”

The couple were set to spend two months apart this summer after Olivia was offered a job in New York, but the deadly virus has postponed the trip

“It was probably the biggest job in my career so far,” said Olivia.

“But I’ve been trying to keep positive. We get time at home together and didn’t have to spend time apart.

“I enjoy being at home, but it has been hard at times to keep motivated.”

Stunning model Olivia missed out on a job in New York because of the virus

The couple have been spending time binging on boxsets, learning TikTok routines, working out and making future goals.

They’ve also just moved into their dream home and are busy renovating the huge property.

Alex covered up his hair with a hat after Olivia accidentally shaved his head
Olivia and Alex moved into the dream home earlier this year

Superdrug ambassador Olivia revealed her must-have beauty products in lockdown from hair dyes, skincare and tans after the brand launched its online courier service.

She has brought beauty salons to her home for her and her husband Alex, but admits he’s been forced to wear a hat after she accidentally shaved his head.


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