Love Island’s Amy Hart crashes her car after mortified star ploughs it into her garden wall


LOVE Island’s Amy Hart has revealed how mortified she is after she crashed her car into her own garden wall.

The 27-year-old reality star took to Instagram to share her embarrassment, which happened at her family home in Sussex.

Amy Hart has revealed her embarrassment after crashing her car into her garden wall

Judging by the pictures, she crashed her car pretty hard, as the brick wall had nearly collapsed.

But, always the optimist, Amy saw the funny side.

“Didn’t get enough swing on the driveway did I,” she penned.

She added: “Car! It’s only scratches we think so just a repaint thank god!”

Amy showed off the damage to her family home wall

Amy then let fans know that it’s not the first time that garden wall has been crashed into by a family member.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Amy told fans: “Loads of you have been asking me how much trouble I got into because of the wall, and in the next slide is what my brother did a couple of years ago.

“So I’m asking you, who is better at demolishing – me or Sam?”

Amy revealed how her brother Sam had previously crashed into the wall, and also made a mess of it.

The star said she crashed because she ‘didn’t get enough swing on the driveway’

In the snap, the same column can be seen completely destroyed, much like after her accident.

She even let fans vote on who had done the most damage.

Later on in the day, Amy was seen enjoying into an Advent calendar to cheer her up after the crash.

Amy then asked her fans who had damaged the wall more – her or her brother

Meanwhile, Amy recently revealed she has scrapped plans for another boob job as her chest has swelled in size.

The reality star recently got a brand new set of veneers after her old set of teeth were mocked by trolls, and she had intended to get a boob job too.

However, her boobs have grown so ‘huge’ this year she’s had a change of heart.

She told the Star: “I wanted to have my boobs done again, but in the past six months they’ve gone huge.

“Everyone said to me, ‘Don’t have your boobs done at 20, because they get bigger’, and I was like, ‘No, they won’t’.

“But now they’ve got really huge, so I don’t think I’d have anything else done.”

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