Love Island’s Amy Hart forced to deny getting fillers after fans point out her ‘changing face’


LOVE Island’s Amy Hart has been forced to deny that she uses fillers after fans questioned her “changing face”.

The 27-year-old reality star explained that her face may appear altered but that is simply down to clever make-up and camera angles.

Amy Hart denied that she has used fillers after fans question her ‘changing face’

Amy joked that her appearance can also depend how what she’s eaten that day and different facial expressions.

The Love Island beauty wrote: “Is that even you’ ‘been on the fillers’ ‘facetuned’ ‘completely changed her face’ 🙄

“Just a little reminder that different make up stylings, different angles, different facial expressions, tv cameras, pap shots and how many chips you’ve eaten recently can make you look different in pics. Happy Monday gang x”

A number of fans flocked to comment, with one writing: “Most people look different in different photos, so no idea why people think they can be horrible about it.”

The Love Island star said that camera angles and make-up can alter her face

Another posted: “You look absolutely gorgeous Amy. I think it’s a compliment, they’re literally telling you that you’re too perfect to be real.”

A third commented: “You look lovely forget everyone else, they’re just jealous.”

Amy recently showcased her dramatic weight loss after just seven days of exercise and healthy eating.

The star jetted off to Portugal last month to take part in a juice master retreat with Jason Vale at the Juicy Oasis Boutique Health Retreat and Spa.

Amy said her face shape can change depending on what she’s eaten that day

And it certainly looks like it’s worked wonders for the reality favourite as she’s dropped 2kg in weight and is looking better than ever.

The beauty not only looks great on the outside, she admitted that the short getaway has also done wonders for her inside too, especially her mental health.

Alongside four before and after shots of her in a black bikini, she wrote: “‼‼‼RESULTS‼‼‼So as you can see from these pictures my body did change from the 7 day Juice Master Retreat plan! I lost 2kg and toned up from all the exercise.”

The telly beauty also expressed how proud she was of overcoming her social anxiety to make friends and going on holiday for the first time on her own.

Amy shared a snap of her recent weight loss journey

She wrote: “✅Went on holiday on my own for the first time ✅Had to overcome my social anxiety in order to make all my lovely juicy friends ✅did my first spinning classes and loved them ✅did @bellicon_uk rebounding everyday and loved it!

✅hauled myself out of bed everyday for a hike between 5-11km sometimes in a 5kg vest ✅Jumped in a river✅has a reset ready to come home and start a new chapter!

“All in all a successful week!! Thanks so much to @jasonvale for an amazing concept. Can’t wait to come back!!”

A number of fans flooded her comment section to let Amy know how amazing she looked.

The telly star said she is proud that she has ‘overcome her social anxiety’

One wrote: “Tbh you look gorgeous in both. That is a wonderful list of achievements though. Well done to you! 💕💕💕

A second commented: “Yess you go,great mind,great energy you have it all 😍🤩❤

A third said: “So proud of you QUEEN 👑 💋

Amy, who revealed that she was bullied her for years over her pearly whites recently underwent a £100,000 makeover to fix her teeth.

Amy revealed her teeth transformation last month

She revealed her new look last month, writing: “If people think I’m defined by my teeth that’s their issue, but bottom line is, I had them done for me because I was unhappy with them,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I had gappy teeth when I was younger, then I had braces.

“People said horrible things about my teeth my entire life, so it was a big thing to have them done at 17.”

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