Love Island’s Anton Danyluk shows off his weight loss after 8 week body transformation to ‘get lean and stay lean’


LOVE Island star Anton Danyluk showed off his shredded physique after undergoing an eight week body transformation.

The 24-year-old was in great shape before he began, but by increasing his cardio and changing his diet he’s now even more ripped.

Love Island star Anton Danyluk showed off his shredded physique after undergoing an eight week body transformation

Sharing a before and after picture on Instagram of him in nothing but a towel, Anton wrote: “I set myself a goal at the start of the year to get lean and stay lean. Phase 1 complete.

“Phase 2 is to stay this lean which if anything will be harder and something I’ve never managed to do before.”

He added that he will explain how he achieved his look in a YouTube video coming on Friday.

Love Islander Joe Garratt said: “Smashed it bro.”

Anton found fame on ITV2’s Love Island

One fan posted: “Sir shredsville himself.”

Another commented: “The perfect man exists.”

In December the buff gym owner told The Sun Online he was keen to swap his reality star reputation for fitness guru and has grand plans to be the biggest name in the industry.

He said: “I’m focused on using my platform as best I can. The bottom line is the new Love Island is round the corner and I need to use my platform as best I can before it goes.

“I want to be the UK’s number one trainer. That’s my goal. I’m working as hard as I can towards that.

Anton found love with Belle Hassan in the Majorcan villa

“For me it was never about fame. I had to go through the Love Island route for people to take me seriously. I wanted to get the platform. I’m not bothered about staying relevant.

“I don’t want to be known as Anton from Love Island, I want to be known as Anton the fitness motivator. I’m very aware that there is a shelf life on this.”

Anton is confident his years of experience as a trainer and gym owner give him an edge over rival programmes set up by fellow celebs.

Explaining how his monthly subscription app differs from others on the market, he explained: “What I’m trying to do is be a personal trainer in your pocket, effectively.

“Communication is going to be constantly there with the client. They won’t just be left on a programme we’ll be in touch with them daily, weekly. They’ll send us in results and if we have to change things, we will.”

Anton has launched a new app called Anton Fitness

“On the back end of that I’ve got like a team of 30 working with us. We’ll get back to everyone, we’ve got nutritionists on board and other trainers. It’s a really exciting project. I’m going to oversee absolutely everything.

“We’re going to do a lot of giveaways. We’ve got member of the month; this is something I have implemented in my gym.

“I will physically turn up at their door with a large certificate and a gift. On the back of that we will give away an all expenses trip to the Maldives. Achieve your dream body and by doing so achieve your dream holiday as well.”

Anton found love with Belle Hassan in the Majorcan villa, but their romance soon fizzled out after the show due to their hectic schedules.

Despite the relationship coming to an end, Anton believes he’ll never have a love for another woman like he did for Belle.

“Me and Belle will always have that flirt with each other but nothing more than that,” he said.

“As cheesy as it might sound, whether I get married to someone else, I’ll never have that same sort of love that I had with Belle.

“We went through such a life changing experience together. I’ve got so much time and love for the girl. I wish her all the happiness.”